Spotted some people in the wild explicitly talking about fine art. That never happens. People aren’t acting like baboons for a second? What a marvel. While I try to be a sovereign person it always helps motivate me to care more about certain things if I see people similar to me who also care about them. That is to say, usually I have to rely on my own personal motivation alone since the baboon is ubiquitous. Truly sickening things that aren’t “people” influence too many half-people’s motivations.

Art is dead, and the people are dead as a result, that’s why no one talks about “fine art”- dead people don’t understand what that is, nor do they care to. Only people who aspire to win the “Stalin Prize” try to create art, and so how do you think that is going to turn out? Every creation’s title might as well be In Praise of Stupidity. Because that’s all “Stalin” wants, and Stalin gets what he wants. And you’ll get what you want too, your “scrap”, your little life, your gold star sticker that will naturally peel off as fast as your dignity did. “The scrap is worth it, man, you’ve never lived til you’ve tried a stale bread rind.”

Just too inhuman, the implications of observing reality without illusions are too inhuman for people to accept. The inhuman vs. the nonhumans. Still though, it’s good to be alive. Something bittersweet about being one of the only ones on earth who isn’t asleep. “We want you to be asleep like us.” – this is a real sentiment. Why? Because alertness is inflicted like violence. Dullness and platitudes have a calming effect. Milkie numnums mmmmm. The gynocracy rocking them at her chest. People have “slave blood”, that’s the end of the story. The only way art is “fine” these days is in that it can prompt one to “reflect” on how its creator is a slave. So at least we have that. “Philosophy” can still be valuable in this sense too. It’s a photo-negative. People consume what is put in front of their faces, thus they turn into photo-negatives themselves.

“Values don’t exist, and if they do exist then they have to be inverted.”

Anyway, I frequently see Arthur Danto mentioned in the same breath as canonical figures in aesthetic theory, which is strange because he only died recently, so I’m looking at one of his books now.

Something to look into later

historical painting… in royal academies, enjoyed the highest esteem

“Now what could this be about?”

“Oo monkey like this one–if only that flag wasn’t there.”

Who says classics can’t be improved?

She’s prettier here. I’ve shown you a few examples of how improvements have been made in literature.

And you can also make it worse

This next one is an inversion of an inversion

I bet some of you will like this random one I saw

Want someone dead who doesn’t like that fine art doesn’t really exist anymore, you must be a person of sound instincts. Stunning and brave, girlboss CEO in chief.

Going into explicit detail about the myth of the metals, the noble lie, hemlock, etc. is how I attempt to improve Plato.

Why so many TV shows and movies are garbage is because they only attempt to improve other TV shows and movies. Start with the classics and you’ll be better off. Most only work with a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a classic.

The artwork Danto begins discussing in one of his last books is Picasso’s Demoiselles

Whoa whoa whoa wasn’t expecting this

Reading from right to left, Picasso has painted an evolution of women from savages, to Fauve-like flirts, to an attractive woman of the kind he painted in his Rose period.

Like the Bacon paintings the visuals of these demoiselles have their spiritual counterparts.

Picasso is regarded as like the Einstein of the world of painting and all people tend to know about him is “E=MC squared”.

“I have better things to do with my time!” Like being one of the savage-looking ones above?

I love this concept

the artist did not paint her the way she would look if photographed but rather as she was

Don’t fuck with me.

“You don’t fuck with ME!”

We like to have fun don’t we.

No one really knows what improvements (and the opposite) people in the west are up to these days.

Painting is probably similar to math in that there’s an elitism the hobbyist can only vaguely fathom the contours of. Similar to political philosophy, the recognition of disavowed slavery, etc.

Does your third eye ever see this in people?

“I’m corrupt and I don’t care.” The sharp eye will spot that all too much.

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