See what I mean about Arthur Danto?

“Dantian” – what did he innovate to deserve that?

I found his neech book lukewarm back in the day so I’ve avoided him. Still, that’s telling if he at least wrote a book about such a subject. He seems to be one of America’s “Badious” so to speak. Philosophers of his time weren’t too familiar with ideas from continental Europe and he broke the mold by traveling and studying there.

He tells the anecdote that someone told Jackson Pollock that abstraction is from nature and Pollock responded “I am Nature.”

Sur-reality was a kind of psychology of reality, hidden from the conscious mind, and it was on this psychological reality that the Surrealists felt true art is finally based. It is based on nature

Looking at those Bacon paintings, I think of Badiou on theatre once again and question which art is most “truth-producing”, because Bacon seems like an exceptionally “honest” person. Say it ain’t so. We are not living in the Dutch Golden Age in more ways than one! Distorted, damned souls everywhere- wailing wraiths. Booooo listen to my opinion I’m dead inside booooo my opinion matters…

Interestingly though, I learned recently that Picasso and Bataille were friends. Surrealism in words and in paint. What can paintings tell us about the subconscious mind? If it’s possibly on par with what Bataille has shown me then that’s quite worth looking into. Remember here also that Joyce was in an agon with Freud and Jung–“yung and easily freudened”–in Finnegans Wake regarding the true nature of the subconscious.

You can’t tell me that this is not upsetting to you in some way

I’m almost ready to call myself a Christian when I look at that. The “mood” of an older form of the religion is captured here. Think of those other Dutch paintings. Is there some connection there between this idea of Christ and their joyfulness? A people that is forgiven their sins perhaps? In our time the conviction is that sin doesn’t exist. So how could it be forgiven? If it actually does exist and people are never forgiven then what effect would that have on their psychology? Probably not a good one. You’re forgiven you know? If you made a mistake. Just don’t do it again. It was probably half forces out of your control anyway. “Say it was 100% out of my control.” No.

The main theorist of Surrealism, Andre Breton, has an interesting perspective on “automatic drawing”, that it’s

a kind of “speaking in tongues” which was, for the Spiritualist mouthpiece, the persona of the Holy Spirit

You might think of Schelling here, that art IS the noumenon. And if it isn’t the noumenon then it isn’t art. If there’s no fine art today what does that mean? The Holy Spirit has been snuffed out. In my opinion, from a perspective of severity, in the early 20th century it was a wisp, and since then it has dissipated in the wind.

Remember this from another post of mine

while Puccini he sees as someone trying to breathe a last gasp into high art but failing – and that’s it; after that it’s all over.

That’s simultaneously the death of the human spirit.

It’s making me laugh the thought of “progs” doing automatic drawing or writing and accidentally letting their inner Nazi out. “That wouldn’t happen!” Yeah right. You want Hitler to impregnate you and since he’s dead I’ll do it myself. Write some erotic fiction anonymously and send it my way. Just get the burden off your chest, you tortured bag of secrets.

Ugh, just had the disturbing realization that most “art” today is in imitation of that Piss Christ, the crucifix in a jar of piss, remember that? Seriously, it might as well be, in subtle forms, different variations of that. “And we love to chug it down and refill it!” Sick people who are so distant from the Holy Spirit (or whatever you want to call it). Reminds me of what Choinski said, that they’re simply PIOUS Talmudists. Anytime you wonder why you’re miserable maybe consider the fact that you believe in an inverted religion. The Unholy Spirit, wow, I bet that makes people really happy in life.

The Dutch just had a different vibe.

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