Don’t you just love the sound of this

a dramatic genre defined by its topical satire, high poetry, frank speech, and obscenity

It’s like a controlled meltdown, a freeflow of the subconscious. We often talk about “art as imitation” – this is the imitation of reality to make a certain person or certain people look like fools. Just a slight tweak so they’re not taken over-seriously and are instead laughed at. That’s what this is about- people are TOO SERIOUS about certain things. I feel like a murderer right now. Because if you figure out how to tweak the imitation perfectly then everything will change. “We like to use that against you instead.” Enjoy the scrap, slave, I like freedom instead. People talk about how the ughleets are trying to get us to eat crickets now, you’re already eating cricket-bars you servant.

Sosias and Xanthias are on guard-duty and recount to each other what they had dreamt- of being free citizens.

The best possible words to describe people you aren’t allowed to use to describe them. “Slave” itself is a euphemism. If you aren’t able to use certain words then you get confused about the reality that the word is supposed to describe. Seriously, there are certain words which describe people best and you will be banned if you type them. It’s enforced illusion.

If the types of people those words exist to describe are able to be in society without being questioned that means everyone is going to get the idea that it’s fine to be like those people. And we are seeing that now. “We” of course only if you are not one of those people who those words describe. “What words?” You tell me. Are you sure you aren’t those words yourself? It’s like in hockey, I like to CHEQ people. If you’re on my team then obviously that’s not going to happen to you. If you’re not on my team it means there are words that describe you that no one is allowed to say because they feel too sorry for you to allow them to be said. And those types of people make society worse for the rest of us. As a vague idea of “the greater good” it’s been decided by the powers that be that everyone should morph into the types of people that those banned words describe. If you want to be someone who people feel so sorry for that certain words are banned then that’s you, and I feel sorry for you in that way as well. I’ll be sensitive because I care, and use a euphemism- they want everyone to be a “literal slave”. Because if everyone is then no one is, and that’s what they consider as “fairness”. Is it fair if everyone is a slave? Fine art doesn’t really exist now, and if everyone exemplifies those banned words then in the future it will exist even less. Do you see that as “fair” and “just”? If you do then you’re probably already one of those words. And unlike Sosias and Xanthias you probably don’t even dream of being a free citizen.

If you’re unable to use the classics to muse on the modern condition then that’s probably a sign you’re one of those bad words too. Never too late to start. Someone around here wants you to not be a bad word anymore. Most want you to accept the illusion that those bad words don’t describe any realities. No, they want you to be a bad word yourself. Because “that’s the greater good”. You can be a free citizen right now and ask yourself if that’s true. It doesn’t seem like the greater good to me. It seems like the ones in control of the minds are themselves bad words if you ask me. They don’t know what the greater good is, you can’t know that if you’re a bad word yourself. So there’s a bias there. Rather than admit what they are and try to improve they want to make everyone like them so there’s no possibility of being recognized as a bad word anymore.

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