I don’t know if I should trust this study

Looks like she’s put on some poundage – must have been one of my readers, that tends to happen

This is the worst thing you can see

“Please love me Nick, I’ll have my brother killed and give you control of Facebook.”

I’m sure she doesn’t have anything like this to say about Aristophanes.

Maybe she’s like this, who knows. The thing about these kinds of books is they at least make you a weird kind of prog.

I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and began her essay, and it’s already, right from the start, one of the jewiest things I’ve seen for a while. What a surprise, looking at how much her brother hates humor. She wrote her dissertation on Aristophanes and Euripides, so think about that. They probably have algorithms that map humor out altogether. This is a dark secret you know, to talk about it like this. Usually it’s seen as “evil” people who are banned, when it’s really oftentimes people who make others laugh. You’re not supposed to feel high and bubbly and above the world, no jokes allowed. How much you want to bet that they’ve laughed at goyim in private? “Finally, I’m not around those suits, and I can laugh with my sister about them.”

So far she’s just diminishing Aristophanes. You can read it here if you want to see an example of how “they” operate.

Okay, now that she got the heeb out of her system the essay starts to get readable. Yes, satirizing Zuckerberg’s sister is an Aristophanic gesture in our time, and no, you don’t see it anywhere, probably because it would be banned, especially if you were too precise with your wording.

Aristophanes’ comedies defined for his audience who these individuals really were: the most characteristic traits that made them especially recognizable and mockable.

This might remind you of earlier- good paintings can do this too. WHO someone really is.

Some people actively “rebalance courages” and she is a case-study herself in that

Are men whistling at you or do you hate men because they’re not whistling at you?

This is a pretty profound symbol don’t you think? Mark’s sister unwittingly giving the game away of how the ancients are a danger to the modern world. “If you read Thucydides you better not think about posting on Facebook!” Not even an exaggeration.

Notice another layer of this- it’s courageous of her to challenge the classics. She wants that attitude for herself and for her ilk. She doesn’t want the goyim to have it unless it’s used against the goyim themselves.

Do you know what that gets you when you step out of your place? You get mouthy and you get fat. We call that a shrew. No one wants to be around one of those. Unless you have a brother like that of course, and I’m sure that’s a crutch she uses to get away with being an uninhibitedly obnoxious Jew (redundancy).

“Let’s all team up against them, girls!” This is how the eternal ingrate Jewess undermines her host country. They “empower” the shiksas to eat a tub of ice cream in one sitting, have gangbangs like a squealing hog, and then get on drugs to distract from how empty their lives are. And throughout this essay she continues to diminish the beginning of laughter in the west, probably because in some part of her reptilian hindbrain she knows that’s the goy’s main weapon against her kind that causes this kind of chaos and misery.

If people learned about the world of the Greeks without any modern filters all these sneakily evil subverters would be slaughtered without hesitation, their heads put on spikes, where Mark’s definitely deserves to be.

Yes, jokes can lead to that conclusion. And shouldn’t they?

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