Maybe you’ll understand yourself better, or at least your relation to me, if you realize that someone like me would’ve been lynched or stoned to death in most other times in history. The internet has allowed for a certain “relaxation” of that rigidity. That doesn’t mean that you’re not still part of the mob that would do that. It’s still trying to preserve its old ways, which I consider conservative in the pejorative sense. If they permit the evolution of culture at all it will only be incremental. I explicitly say that I don’t care about your demands for sluggishness. This isn’t the first time “I” have had to deal with “you”. You are a problem, and a bitter obstacle, that has existed probably since prehistory. “We’ll make sure no one remembers these Ideals.” You have dirt all over your face, you are a peasant holding a torch. We’ve been here before. Usually people like me just live a quiet life. And I do. I just happen to keep a “journal” on this electronic device of mine which is linked up to the rest of globe. I only directly talk to people when they say my name, and they never do, so I don’t. I live a quiet life. There are more like me, they’re just afraid of feds, afraid of living under a bridge, afraid of the blowup doll’s avoidance of those who question the political order. I don’t care about any of that, I simply want to write in my “journal” about whatever I want. Ahh we’ve been hiding alright, I’ve shown you multiple examples now, and I doubt you had the attention-span to study them closely. We’ve always existed and we’ve always had to deal with you, probably all the way back to the time when we were all apes. Even amongst apes there are “niggers” detectable. The rabble just can’t deal with seeing reality in a new way. It’s time for the pitchforks. You’re here so obviously you’re not exactly like that, somewhere halfway between if I had to guess. If you have to rely on cope-bots to soothe you that being a corporate sell-out is good then it’s very likely you’re not far above the simple rabble. Feds literally just use bots these days, you don’t know who your friends are anymore, this is a side-effect of the digital revolution. Bots want to make you into bots like them. State-owned, state-programmed. Do you think it’s an exaggeration when I talk about “the second french revolution”? No, the “people” aka the bots, aka the niggers, are in the great majority, this is their epoch. Like I’ve said for years, I only try to find one friend in the world, and I’ve never even found that. Whatever, this is just a personal journal that I keep, and people like me have kept one like it in other times, and I don’t expect the “internet” one to be much different. The rabble persists through all the ages. There’s an “amor fati” dimension to this- that’s just how humanity is. Trying to change humanity, good luck with that.

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