Look at this delectable morsel published this year

panoramic discussions of broader issues in the study of Roman historiography, the conference aimed to facilitate debate… about the literary-rhetorical nature of historiography

I bet there’s a study on Medieval historiography somewhere too.

How arbitrary ours is. That’s the objective of studying historiography from different times, realizing that. How arbitrary. Incidental.

Sometimes when you study another time you get the feeling that you’re stepping out of time itself.

I’m seeing studies on Islamic historiography also. We of the west not only have our own past at our disposal for this project, we also have Arab and Asian pasts to utilize in order to instill “the recognition of the arbitrary”. There’s more or less a science to nuking a decadent culture. The general idea is to use historiography to demonstrate arbitrariness. Arabs and Asians aren’t “us”, thus they will have less of an effect. Ancient Romans aren’t us either, though they’re closer. Medieval England, early modern Netherlands, that’s a lot closer to us and thus will have a greater effect. What did THEY use history for? “You don’t use history, history is just true.” -buzzer noise- ANTTT wrong answer.

Just type “historiography” on z-library, there are tons of studies that might catch your eye. It’s arguably the highest stratosphere of philosophical discourse and this fact is very well-hidden. No, not everything has to be about Choinski, there are other ways of going about it.

Look at this craziness, what INDIRECT insights could these contain?

Asians and Arabs and everyone in between.

Remember the Chmielnicki Uprising in the Pale? That was an old way the Jews USED history.

Try to always keep in mind that this subject revolves around Theodicy, aka the Problem of Evil. The Problem and the Solution of Evil. What’s the “WORST THING EVER”? Da worst ting ever, that’d haff to be doze gas chambas! That is what “true evil” is in our time. Do you agree with that? “Agree that’s the true evil or agree that’s what’s considered the true evil in our time?” With that question you’re already going well above the speed limit. What a reckless endangerment of lives!

That’s right, it’s off-limits to talk about what “evil” is.

Check out this post of mine again if you want some entertainment. Real life James Bond behavior with that Leuchter fellow.

There’s actually a physical place on the earth you can travel to with your two feet where Evil was defined. Wanna go there with me? Talk about going to a museum and having paintings cause reflections, this would cause erections and reflections, being THERE and musing about THAT. I wonder how close to the premises I’m allowed to build a cabin? That would be a better muse than snowy majestic peaks.

The very place that programmed all the human robots in the west. The top of the brain was forged there. Everyone only does its bidding, in one way or another. Europeans are the most advanced species in the galaxy and this is the place on earth that makes them all objects in a sense. Every word they say is determined and conditioned by this place. Yeah, I’m thinking I want to build a cabin right in the middle of it. “You’re evil!” Exactly.

What’s truly evil to you if someone were to ask, say if we were in that cabin and you knew it was surveillance-proof? What is truly evil?

If you don’t make my Pale movie then I’m going to have to create scenarios like this myself!

Your hands are folded behind your head in a nice cozy chair in front of a fireplace in a cabin in the center of the Auschwitz camp. How do you answer the question?

They’re just bricks, these buildings

Someone MUST own them. What is the name of the owner? Can I ask him if I can build a cabin in a spare lot beside one?


Is it? I think I’d be pretty merry and mirthful living there, knowing how powerful a place it is, how strongly it affects the minds of the most advanced species in the galaxy. Let’s-a go.

Would tourists be upset if I was playing a Mario game too loudly in my cabin?

Just pretend I’m ignorant when you answer this question- What is this history being used FOR? What does it do? We’re supposed to remember with solemn reverence that a notoriously deceptive people of merchants should be honored above all others during time of war? I think you got merch-brain’d if you think that. Your mind was bought.

Can you explain this to me?

What texts exactly lead you to your belief in Evil?

Or is it mostly just hearsay? The academic discipline of History demands more than that.

You probably know one little girl’s diary and nothing else. And even the authenticity of that has been put into question by experts in literary criticism.

This is about what Evil is, don’t you think that’s pretty important? So I’d appreciate an explanation from you, if you wouldn’t mind. My venerable Finkelstein, what say you? Ah you probably enjoy living beyond reproach so you don’t care if the standard beliefs are justified or not. Typical self-serving Jew! So evil that you and 27,000,000 Slavs died during that time. I want YOU to build my cabin for me. If you ask me, what’s truly evil is maintaining this malignant belief-system of ours that revolves around you at the expense of everyone else. If even Latinos are leveled, and if blacks are not uplifted in any genuine way, then yes, I do mean at the expense of EVERYONE else. Time to rethink things, rabbi.

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