“You’re not funny.”

I don’t try to be.

Just a few-day vacation in a nice cabin, I hear Poland is great in the summer

This is chilling to read, about another “cabin theorist”

Paul Rassinier also could have made a name for himself in politics if, when he was a socialist representative in 1946, he had submitted to the oppressive climate of that period in France and had accepted open collaboration with the Communist Party.

Another buried writer with a shelf of books to his name.

I’ve posted before about how the ideas of postwar French theorists are de rigueur in the contemporary US. They’re not often labeled “communist”, it just wouldn’t be inaccurate to call them something very close to that.

The “impossibility of the cabin” is what makes a lot of those ideas beyond reproach. The impossibility of the cabin PRECEDES the acceptance of those ideas.

You’ve probably heard of the Battle of Normandy?

It’s remembered because so many people lost their lives. And yet,

So what gives? What’s all the fuss about constructing a soccer field, say, a mile or so away from “the camp”?

It’s 2 PM in France, people are probably getting their tan on right now as we speak on the beaches of Normandy.

You know the Battle of Stalingrad? Over two million dead. That area is now called Volgograd and a million people live a normal life there.

Believe it or not my first-nature is not to be a political person. I am concerned with the question of Evil. What does it mean? What is it? Why does it exist? What is the most evil thing in the world and what can we do to eliminate it from reality? Those questions naturally lead me to wondering about things that are politically controversial. I think people should lighten up.

“Never make a joke about the Battle of Normandy!” No one says that. We even have the stereotype that the French were pussies during that war, and it’s kinda funny imagining one running and trying to hide and getting shot in the back. Bon voyage.

What a waste of good land, raise some chickens and cows on this

Let’s do some Shakespeare in the Park here, have some laughs together

Oh right, white males like him are considered evil now because of this place. How about a rap concert?

“Yeah, I doubt she’ll go on vacation with me because this is all too real.”

“Yeah she doesn’t like the idea of having to symbolically wear those striped pajamas herself, which is what you get for asking questions about the meaning of evil.”

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