Back to Danto again, since everything can’t be about Mr. Choinski – this is enticing

If art evolves, philosophy has to evolve.

There are scholars out there known as Dantians who might have developed his thought further since the 8 years ago this last book of his was written–if you want the most “contemporary” understanding at least. This is a nice change of pace from French aesthetic theory. “You can’t just put races of people into boxes like that!” Right, and Bourdieu was a neanderthal to begin his book on taste anticipating that it was going to be interpreted as “French”.

Do a zoom-out and see that when I talk about aesthetics I am indirectly talking about “Choinski”

People know more about the ninja turtles than the artists they’re named after.

I wonder what feminist effects this show has had in its 32 seasons. It’s so much part of our culture there’s a good chance Homer is reading this right now. No, not the Greek one. Back to that idea of “rebalancing courages”.

There’s such a vengeance against Choinskians in part because people prefer… wait for it… read it in the voice… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


You know I’m right too. People are NOT enthusiastic about going out of their way to understand the paintings of Raphael. This is an age that does not prize mental exertion, and aesthetics is closely bound up with that. As is Choinski and as is kicking a soccer ball around on the beaches of Normandy.

Similar filters to note besides Calvin and HOBBES- you think of Elijah Wood as Frodo instead of Wotan from Wagner. You think of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter instead of anyone from the Golden Dawn. This is a profound loss. Kabbalistically, this is very distant from Keter, very distant from the divine light at its source.

This would all improve immediately if someone like Faurisson was un-disappeared from public discourse. This is the real Sherlock, holmes.

Heidegger is the real Einstein.

“Blasphemies, all blasphemies!” No, I think we just have a hyper-tolerant culture in place that facilitates the acceptance of a lack of mental exertion, something you’d need to be able to confirm all of what I say for yourself. Cowabunga, dude. You’re living on an Animal Farm! (40 pages, 2 hour read).

“STOP, just stop!”

If you’re too strict on people that just means ashes rising out of chimneys.

That’s literally how people’s psychology works. That’s how it was formed. You’re vacationing with me in a cabin, right now! We’re there. Want to play some Monopoly?

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