This is what a god would do – neech ripped him right off in this sense

While I know people disagree with me (mostly hipsters who fetishize contrarianism) that neech is the culmination of the German Renaissance, just pretending that’s an accurate judgment for a second, don’t you think it’s a devastating problem in scholarship that no one is able to write “directly” about Wagner, who you can’t really understand neech without taking into consideration? “Sacrifices we have to make.” You, YOU are a schoolmarm.

I’m going to pretend you are a rational adult and post the following, try not to get hysterical now

What can you teach us about the culmination of the German Renaissance, dear Winifred? By the way, that Wagner was more crucial for Adolf than neech is a symptom of his plebeian nature. Don’t think that being a Hitler stan causes me not to see that sort of thing. “What am I doing here??!” What ARE you doing here?

Hey, I happened to notice when we were playing that Monopoly game that you only ever rolled snake eyes. You think I wouldn’t notice that you rigged the dice? Commie nigger?

Say ONE thing about the monopolists, just ONE! One time!



You don’t mention either plane of the theological-political, you operate within its horizon exclusively. You are bought and sold, Marx would cry. What a travesty, those who claim to be his disciples today. “I want to win the coveted Stalin Prize someday!” Oh boy, those Russians were so much better off after 1917, it’s a historical fact that everyone knows very well. You apologize for mass murderers and human traffickers on a daily basis. I’d feed you alive to pigs. Literally, and you know it.

Anyway, returning to a so-called civilized discussion, that Winifred biography is apparently abridged in English. Just something to note for those of my readers with a similar pigfeed hobby.

What a woman, she never apologized

although excluded from formal authority and even banned for some years from setting foot in the festival theater, lived on in Bayreuth, grumbling and interfering, until 1980.

I bet many neech scholars, continentalists in general, have never heard of her, nor bothered to know what she was about. I bet you hate to hear it that the above is a real picture of a feminist. Subordinate to the theological-political, how sad. Nice apron you wear in everything you say, little woman.

What the flavor flave is this about

The culmination of the German Renaissance… You can’t even make this stuff up.

Winifred was Anglo-Welsh too, which makes it spicier. Perhaps even more than half of Europe is suffocated. At least we know that those dune coons are happy though, right?

It’s fine, we took the right path. It’s clear.

New taco joint down the street, adios pendejo.

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