5 hour interview of Winifred

I’m so sorry to people who followed me through this labyrinth. That taco place, that’s the first time since covid I was around lots of strangers without masks, and… let’s just say that if they intended lockdown to be a psyop to return people to normalcy after bad orange man destroyed the country, it only had the direct opposite effect on me. My perception only honed during that time. I miss the paintings when I see those things again. So many lies. The way their faces move is too much, I miss the masks. “That’s life, you have to deal with it.” No, life is going to be that interview with Winifred for me, as much as I can help it. I’ve seen people openly admit, “I wish I never used the internet before.” You can seriously disturb the peace if you say a slightly wrong thing in a public place. The lies are so glaringly visible that you have to turn off part of your brain to not be a nuisance who would absolutely ruin someone’s day, if not life, with the “wrong” sentence. So I feel bad for you if you’ve been conditioned by the internet. Thankfully they make that fake like society for most people, so that hazard is usually avoided. Nothing real in public places, nothing real online, nice and safe for everyone. Faces reveal so much, I forgot about this. Everyone is so guarded about being themselves. They can’t really hide who they are either. So much pain that is built up and called a personality. Looking at people like they’re a painting, you don’t want to do that. Definitely closer to a Bacon painting than anything without the masks on. Like I’ve said though, they’ve been using the screens to engineer people during covid so many will be fine and not realize the delicate balance of lies that society is based on. I bet I’m not the only one with this perception of strangers’ faces without masks – do you see that and want to go back into reclusion too? People can be read like a book and it’s not something you want to read! Such pain. And what they would possibly do to alleviate it if in the right situation- murderous, fanged apes just waiting to happen. “Please don’t get tacos again and tell me about it.” Refining your aesthetic judgment is dangerous, that’s why they maintain relativism as the enforced doctrine. Do not discern. Do not look at things too closely or you may be horrified. This is back to “living”. That means forgetting, and being blind. Do not look for perfection because you will not find it. This is why it’s illegal to “study the angels”. The unmasked faces reveal the demons.

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