People really think that elves aren’t real. There are also two castes of orc. One orc is closer to an elf, except it convinces the other orcs it’s good to be an orc. There are also approximately two castes of elf too- one is quiet about what it is because it infuriates the orcs to learn there are things that are not orcs, the other “is itself” and is usually swarmed by orcs and quiet elves alike. “Shut up, you’re making this up… What about the goblins though?” Goblins? None of this is real, we’re all the human race. There are also elf-orc hybrids and orcs that betray their own kind. There’s also a type of elf that betrays fellow elves because it feels too sorry for the orcs and goblins. This is a confused type of elf, a 3/4 elf. All of God’s creatures will be doomed if it’s only orcs and goblins that exist. “What about, like, Chinese people?” Part orc part elf part goblin. Then many whites are part elf part orc part goblin. “We’re humans, we’re not any of those things!” That IS what a non-elf would say, yes. The orcs and goblins have to constantly soothe each other in the presence of elves that aren’t quiet. And in my opinion, “elves” are just normal human beings in the ordinary sense of the term. You’re not allowed to be that, you’re expected to pretend you’re an orc or goblin. Some actually turn into them! That means they never really were an elf. “GRRRrrrrrr…” – both orcs and goblins make this noise secretly when they are told what they are. If you don’t, then you know what you are.

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