Still preoccupied with Winifred Wagner. Can’t find that biography on her. So until I do I turn to one of Wagner’s son-in-laws instead, Houston Chamberlain, who wrote a book on him, as well as ones on Kant and Goethe (so not a normal person). How philosophy and art were interpreted prior to the cultural shift toward leveling after the war is always interesting to see. Born in England in 1855, Chamberlain first attended a Bayreuth festival in 1882, wrote books on Wagner in 1892 and 1895, then married one of Wagner’s daughters in 1908, so I’m guessing the family liked his books. Looks like most of them can be read here. Not much secondary work in English on him (I wonder why). Wagner is to this day boycotted in Israel yknow. AHAHAHA!

This isn’t something people usually think about though- what was considered the peak of art for the notsees? Sometimes people bother to read Mein Kampf, and Hitler was just a politician, there are theorists who were a lot more sophisticated than him. Same can be said about Wagnerian drama. Did we lose something there, because ‘might makes right’? He was well-received in France too before all the guns and bombs and all that. He’s one of the culprits behind that by the way. Whoops. Oo another Atlantean work on him, this one by a Frenchman. I poked fun at Roger Scruton’s late book the other day, how people have to go out of their way to acknowledge how much of a monster Wagner was. I don’t expect to find much of a real value in postwar writings on him.

I do wonder why you never hear about this

From 1933 on, the Wagnerian Hitler used the Festival for both the representation of his person and his regime.

Can’t let the Jewish slaves experience that sort of aesthetic splendor now can we.

Hmm, someone affiliated with Bayreuth as prominent as Chamberlain- Hans von Wolzogen. He wrote guides to the dramas. Looks like most haven’t been translated into English. And you know how I was looking for “the best book” on the religion of the Northmen, I might have found a candidate for that with him as he has a book on the Eddas as well.

I’m looking for the noumenon. That’s what genealogical digging is about. What was lost, was there something about art that changed for the worse during the 20th century? Wagner is thee taboo artist par excellence even in the 21st century. I’m guessing something is lost on purpose. Chamberlain’s chief work is 1200 pages, so whenever you “want to get on that” maybe you’ll discover what that something is. Using that handle kept me from studying what people had to say about him, strangely. Nietzsche’s only real friend in his life, that has to be significant. (Duh). “Swastikas!!” Time to go breastfeed, sweet child. The postwar order seriously caused a stunting of spirit. People are a body and nothing else and have no ideals, let alone lofty ones. I hate how there’s a “psychic field” and I’m one with these demented creatures in a sense. I always know what they’re going to do and I warn them not to, and they always do it anyway. I can see what is latent in a given person’s telos and the actualization of it is almost never good.

Anyway, this is probably a normal day for you here. To me, I feel like I’m unearthing a treasure chest that’s been buried for decades. What’s going on with that Winifred?! What kind of art was she overseeing? What truths was that theatre producing? Chamberlain, who greased the wheels for her, and who she succeeded, had an 800 page book on Kant and an 800 page book on Goethe, who knows what’s going on there. You can’t say that about people creating TV shows and movies these days.

He has another book titled Political Ideals – not wrong

the decaying culture of the Anglo-Saxon peoples with the relatively pure Teutonic

These figures discussed in this post they keep very well-hidden. Understanding the “beauty” side of the Nazis.

700 pages

You wish you were Cosima.

Remember this from Babylon’s Banksters?

Key to initiation. And “reanimation”.

I repeat, we’re speaking the most taboo artist of the 20th AND 21st centuries here. How to understand him without an Allies filter?

“There was no ~renaissance~ in Germany, and furthermore, ~genius~ doesn’t exist anyway!” Spoken like a true ally. “Banana horses!” Is that some kind of mental illness of yours to repeat that impulsively? (Rhetorical question.) Such stunted souls… You’re missing something if you can’t free yourself from that coping-mechanism. Whatever silences that voice in your head that demands you put in more mental exertion in life, I guess. All those demon-faces I saw at the taco joint yesterday, they don’t want to be found out. The spirit of the old Germans speaking to them candidly drives them into rationalization-mode like nothing else. They can’t deal with the unfolding of Kant’s moral theory. Truth and morality are things that niggers, both white and black, are quite hostile toward. I’m at the vanguard of contemporary cultural studies with all this and most people can do is be an inadvertent object of science. I notice they’re particularly sensitive about the holocaust, which I look at with no emotion at all. That’s of course why Wagner is boycotted in Israel, they still hold him responsible for that. Yeah and I still hold the French responsible for being too much of philistines to side with the Germans and you don’t see me not reading the French. Listening to that Winifred interview last night, I could hear it in her voice. An advanced species, one close to extinction. The old Germans make me feel like a coon in a do-rag too, so don’t let it bother you too much.

Richard Wagner expresses it frankly as his opinion that with the invention of printing – certainly with the rise of journalism – the faculty of healthy judgment has imperceptibly deteriorated amongst mankind.

“Current events R gud 4 my brane hurr hurr.” Speaking of those branes, this post should probably stop here.

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