No surprise

Winifred is the one who sent Adolf the paper he wrote Mein Kampf on when he was in prison.


This personal relationship [with Adolf] drives much of Winifred’s story and when it has been told, her contributions as the head of the Bayreuth Festival are rarely discussed.

15 years she was in charge, and not just ANY years.

This is the main fragment of high art that was lost.

This recent dissertation claims there’s next to no scholarship on her administration over the Bayreuth dramas. They say it was like a religion, similar to the Dionysia festivals of ancient Greece.

I wonder why you never hear about her…

Hitler seemed to think of Winifred as a surrogate wife

What I want is to watch what they watched. I want the operas reconstructed. I at the very least want to know which specific ones were performed during the summers of 1933-1939 when Adolf himself attended. What was considered fine art by them, seems like a harmless question, right? “No…”

This is from another dissertation, from 2018

to date, the estate of Winifred Wagner is not within the public domain. Unlike those of Cosima and Chamberlain

It was only in 2007 that Adolf’s personal collection of music was “rediscovered”, and that biography on Winifred I mentioned yesterday was only published in 2002. People are still reeeeeal superstitious about this stuff. WHAT WAS LOST? What was their art like then? To write said biography that author had to go around asking Winifred’s friends for old letters, so needless to say it’s far from definitive. Wagner’s youngest granddaughter died in 2019 and she was in possession of many of the records.

I relate to Winckelmann in this. He appreciated Greek sculpture, I appreciate German drama.

Reading now about that interview of her I mentioned that she had no editorial control over it and there was something sneaky about it, that it shouldn’t be trusted at face-value. They want to keep that art under lock and key. I want to sit in that Festspielhaus and watch it like they watched it.

What other artist can you talk about in this way? It IS like some treasure chest they keep on some offshore site that is illegal to trespass on.

These “studies” I’ve found on this so far are so stupid, honestly. Just low-tier next to what they could be.

This one was born in 1978, what does she know?

Wouldn’t it be awful to discover she proggified Wagner?

These studies are so tedious I’m going to have to drop this for now. Maybe in a few years more high-minded ones on aesthetics will emerge. Just one of the more prominent unsolved mysteries of the 20th century.

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