Strauss is just too sneaky, I feel the urge to reread everything by him now that I have a better understanding of the secret themes after years of reading his students

There’s something sinister about this too when you remember he was a Jew. “Yes, we designed the play for you, the play you call your ‘life’.”

As sneaky as he is, he is leagues more explicit than the typical Talmudist, to say the least. His willingness to be explicit I see as his own dissatisfaction with being required to live a life designed for him. And this is probably true for many of the writers on that Index. Being “sneaky” is the most freedom they’re able to have outside of the “design”.

Strauss’s genius is in optics. Besides maybe a couple early letters there isn’t anything you can directly quote from him that would be perceived as “incriminating”. I always bring him up because the smarter ones are just like him today. And who else to care about besides the smarter ones? He is their 20th century precursor, no one did it better than him. Smuggling truth in past the rabble. Heidegger avoided political philosophy after the war for obvious reasons. Strauss kept quasi-aristocratic sentiments alive with his form of optics. You’ll see many of his followers pretend they seek to defend democracy. No, that’s just the word they use that they keep their agenda behind. All you have to do is use that magic word and people fall for it. Sorry I’m so explicit myself, this way of speaking just seems like one of the only Aristophanic options available (I’m often laughing as I type things, though I’m not sure if others find it funny). There’s also a dark side to this in that the neocons appropriated certain of his tactics to justify the recent wars in the middle east.

Not many writers can be said to free you from political slavery. Almost 100% of what you read on a daily basis, if I had to guess, only justifies your slavery in one way or another, and almost always in an indirect manner. Strauss is indirect too, he just has the aim of freeing you.

Look how subtle this is- this can obviously be abused by evil people

What is incriminating about that? I challenge you to explain how it is. You’d look like a fool talking about “birds” in the “sky”.

Talking about “the gods” at all is itself conspiratorial given that the casual onlooker is not going to equate them with Secular Ideas.

Unfortunately “justifying slavery” is all most people are capable of, so they’ll just read this post of mine and be a bird in the sky that does just that. It IS possible to be a bird that subtly redefines “the gods” so that people are more free. Possible, not likely.

There’s an irony to this book of Strauss’s which is titled Socrates and Aristophanes. It’s about the plays of Aristophanes–allegedly. Really it’s about Socrates through the plays of Aristophanes. And we know that one of those plays was one of the main factors that led to Socrates’ execution. Strauss is indirectly saying in the above quote that Aristophanes himself was a bird like Socrates. “Birds?? Wtf are you talking about?”

Think of my post from yesterday about elves and orcs

Peisthetairos compares the situation obtaining between human beings, the birds, and the gods to that obtaining between the Athenians, the Boiotians, and Delphi

The neocons were the goblins that used this way of thinking for their own purposes against the best interests of the Athenians, aka Americans. Goblins continue to do that today, though they don’t call themselves neocons. Our guaranteed “freedom of speech” for instance is a “god” of ours and the goblin-birds have changed the meaning of it.

“Goys aren’t supposed to know about this!” What, about you dying in a future “tragedy”? Time to grab the kleenex just at the thought of it. Goblin lives don’t matter.

There are lots more birds than you might think. The nature of a bird is to never admit it’s a bird. Most of the birds of today only redefine the gods so that people have more of an irresponsible form of freedom. This is because like I said they’re more accurately elf-orc hybrids, or bird-humans. They use their elf skills to justify living the convenient, impulsive life of the orc. A very dirty bird indeed. And so many of them they block out the Sun. Gradually eliminate elves from the population each generation and that’s what you eventually get. Aren’t you living a fulfilling life, being a coarse and disgusting person who no one questions. Wow, you got what you wanted, huh? Try to be a bird for the good, please. I’m talking to an orc-bird, I forgot. Jesse–!

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