Posthumanism is not happening. Not quickly anyway. They’re too humble of beings. It makes you wonder how we ever evolved at all. I wish the aliens would accept me at least, I feel I’ve proven myself at least to them. If you can’t accept harsh realities pertaining to caste then the posthuman will never exist. We’re just stuck at this measly humanity. “We have AI that soothes us about being subhumans.” I repeat myself, the posthuman will never exist. I thought there was hope there for a while, and I don’t think many could take the implications. This idea of “white nigger” for one. Yeah, that’s real. “Who cares about the posthuman?” That’s what darkies said for hundreds of thousands of years, that’s why they stayed in the jungle. So when you wonder that you remind me of them. It’s only the opposite of what we’re going to be getting. Reactionaries often want to avoid leveling, and they a lot less oftenly say what the opposite of leveling is. It’s beyond humanity in the way that we know, and that involves talking about the KKK, sorry. We can only plan for the opposite of the posthuman in the future. The west has proved incapable of taking up the challenge of opposing that. You can think of it in class-terms if that’s easier to understand- whites had the option to choose between rising in class or descending and out of pity they’ve decided to descend. I can already intuit how that’s going to play out, and I can only anticipate that for most it’s only going to smack them in the face one day without them expecting it. Yes, you were once middle class and now you are slum level. That’s the future the west has chosen. It already had chosen that a while ago, I just lived in false hope for a while there. You probably didn’t learn about “the angels” most of your life and weren’t capable of experiencing them without breaking down. That’s fate. Monkeypeople aren’t ready for posthumanism. “I’ll stop being a monkey and put myself in service of it!” – I literally can’t imagine anyone saying that. They’d rather just be apes and not think about it. All the tribalists in those uncontacted amazonian clans probably feel the same way. So I hope you don’t hold it against me when I call you negative terms that fit the reality. You’re cool though bro, honestly. If you’re part “elf” then there’s good reason for you to survive in this world through whatever means possible. I just try to tell you the ideal. And that’s condemning 99.999% of people without any reluctance. Do you want to be one of those darkies in the jungle who never thought to evolve? That’s what most whites look like to me. I’ll never apologize for how ruthlessly I’ve spoken. It’s an understatement to say I’m not content with present-day humanity. And I think many are similar. I at least fucking say it, what do you do? In most cases probably you apologize for the way the order calls for people to turn into apes instead. That makes you one of those darkies in the jungle who never evolved and had to rely on the charity of white folk to leave the realm of the animal. How could you possibly face your conscience and emerge not feeling ashamed? I try to bring about the beyond-human, and almost everyone else tries to rationalize why the less than human should be the future. This is the true state of the west. They’re unable to burn the social contract which is the prerequisite to escaping the human, they can never accept they were taught lies all their lives about being someone with an equal soul. You don’t have that in most cases. You seem like an animal to anyone with sharp perception. Many use bots to remind them they’re people too. That’s a good joke. I’m not seeing any humanity there. The nigger has been detected. Posthumanism isn’t happening. Blowup dolls, cowardly zogslaves, and kikenigger “culture” are what you can expect in the future. I tried to show you another option was possible. It really isn’t. People aren’t ready for that.

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