Returning to the beginning of the life of the mind in a different way now- through Xenophon’s Socrates. I caught me another pokeman. This one begins by musing on Rawls and the Constitootion on the first page, very sneaky. Eventually in this introduction the author claims that Book IV of the Memorabilia is an ancient version of Alfarabi’s Plato.

Some pokemen for different days

it would be the height of absurdity to say that the distinction between the exoteric and the esoteric is “Straussian.” For in that case Montaigne, Bacon, Leibniz, Bayle, Rousseau, Diderot, Lessing, Goethe, and Nietzsche, to name but a few, would all be “Straussians.”

Do you go for mystery or do you go for the pie? Pie and some milkie numnums, mmmm?

Anyway, I feel so bad for Xenophon. Because look who he’s always contrasted with. That’s not fair at all. This is someone trapped in ice who deserves to be thawed.

This is the main obstacle of the sublime digital revolution

he says that Socrates did not approach all natures in the same “way” (IV.1.3). And then he abruptly descends from good natures and Socrates’s way of approaching them to two or three bad natures and Socrates’s way of approaching them.

In order to thrive on the web one must adjust oneself to the bad natures. Knowing that that tactic is omnipresent, I’ve decided to speak as if I am talking to higher grades in an occult lodge. A consequence of that is that any bad natures in earshot will only increase in badness. At worst, they will appropriate elf tek for orc or goblin purposes. This is a real phenomenon. I’ve indirectly brought a lot of evil into the world in this way.

This is diametrically contrary to what we’re supposed to believe

Socrates is the teacher of a youth who is not even remotely fit for an education.

“Demons” exist. They will not be taught anything, they are immoral people to their very core.

This is so relatable

Do we have here, in lieu of a serious Socratic education, an exact parody or caricature of one?

This concept is self-referencing in that some will read about themselves here and conclude with zest, “I’m going to be even more of a slimy goblin!” And you wonder why no one really cared that your Type was illiterate for centuries- that just kept you out of trouble. No education is better than some education for the greasy kind of rodent.

Ahh the Memorabilia reminds me of the Meno– if a certain goblin nature is detected it is best to teach the respect for the “Law”. The type of lawlessness I frequently advocate for can and will be misused by goblins and orcs, so it’s better for them to remain conformist, which is to say moderate, i.e. they will use the elf tek of immoderation for evil purposes (think of the seven deadly sins). There is no universal pedagogy. Since the world is already a dumpster fire I choose to proceed as if I’m having a conversation with Nietzsche, who was a Xenophon stan himself.

Cracking the code of this old elitist

so many sophisticated, modern readers have mistaken Xenophon’s Socrates for “a fatuous giver of conventional moral advice.”

This is illegal today

Rather than go “through” generally accepted opinions, the serious education of a good nature leads from generally accepted opinions up toward the truth or up toward true answers to one or more “what is” questions.

In a democracy, education is designed with a view toward the lowest common denominator. And the non-euphemistic way of referring to that is- with a view toward the bad natures. Everyone is taught the exoteric, the generally accepted opinions, as Truth, and there is no institutional pedagogy geared for the movement “up toward” the actual truth. Further, education is mandatorily education of the “fact” that bad natures do not exist. I am sorry to be the one to have to educate you that orcs and goblins exist, and there are many of them.

Ask yourself, have you felt at all like a goblin at moments during reading this? Are you a proud goblin? If so, ask yourself why that is. Being a goblin is nothing to be proud of. You have nothing to lament about the evils of the world because goblins ARE the evils of the world. “No I didn’t identify as a goblin while reading this.” Good. Wait–are you sure?

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