“I feel like an orc-goblin when I read you.” Good for you, why would I want to be friends with someone like that? People tolerate the saddest friends. “We identify as subhumans together!” Please keep me in this see-through box away from you so I don’t have to breathe your air. Nasty. Another one of those days where I look forward more to dinner than speaking to the wisps of nothingness. There’s just no denying it, what they are. Wouldn’t know sacrifice for the sake of truth if it walked right up to them. All they know is a never-ending indulgence and submission to the world of vice and deception agreed-upon by the most rancid-smelling mortals. Celebrate your existence. Please, put on some perfume or something so I don’t have to catch a whiff of that. Creatures that somehow escaped from the bottom of a port-a-potty. You should’ve just stayed down there. Now, we live in an “accepting world” where people lower a ladder down to you and give you a shower, as if that is going to reverse everything that happened to you down there. No, the time in there left a mark. You aren’t able to hide it so instead you hide those who point it out to you. A disgrace. Truly some of the most stomach-turning froth a civilization is capable of producing. The filthy rabble bubbles that rise to the surface and gather together there. You’re something from the bottom of an outhouse, you should have simply been buried rather than let climb up into the world of discourse. You think this is an exaggeration? That is what our epoch IS. All the most sickening people are able to say whatever they want while any questioning of them is restricted with the penalty being an unpersoning. You are someone who should’ve stayed down in your port-a-potty. We don’t like people who smell that way around children. No one is allowed to remark upon your smell. Does that make you happy? You can stink up the world and no one is going to say anything. It’s time to celebrate. We have a fine “human” specimen here don’t we.

If you don’t talk as harshly as I do you’re just inviting these types to be your friends. And they don’t allow you to talk this harshly so it’s impossible to avoid, unless- you are able to watch out for them.

It isn’t an exaggeration, that is what they’re doing- the worst people are given the loudest voices while the best people are eliminated from society. The most repulsive ones are given the green light to thrive and spread their message from the port-a-potty to everyone else. You smell like shit, that is my message for you. Do you like to see what people who are not included in society think of you?

If you’re offended by any of my statements then that says something about you. You probably surround yourself with “people” who are similar to you. There are ways to get away from that, which I’ve told you about, because I care.

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