Multiple times a day I get the feeling “it’s my duty” to talk about various things since no one else will. Some brown women can understand Nazism very well. White women are descending, brown women are ascending, is the way I see it. The christian nature is making them into monkeys, and I can’t help admiring that browns have more of a KKK ethos than even most whites. Good, I will shake hands with a darkie if they admit this plane of awareness. Most whites aren’t even at it. Yeh dug, we ri’n ou’ here. Can you mimic whites the way I do blacks? The point is that I see nothing of value in the public sphere. That should be reformed beyond what makes anyone happy. “If I’m from a jungle why should I even believe the awareness i have in my mind now?” Exactly the question, there is no awareness there. If you want to know what mind is then you will radically distance yourself from the establishment, that’s the beginning and end of the story. “We have ways of forgetting this.” Cows aren’t the ones I talk to. Even brown women are at a different stratosphere than whites. “So how do I descend then?” I’ll tie you up, strangle you near to death, until you admit directly that you are literally a nigger. Have you ever done it, or did you just keep avoiding it… That’s all they ever did- never admit they’re a nigger, something not human. And try to hide it in a thousand ways. Yo brown women, I’ll beat you up. I want to teach you a thing or two. Does that upset you somehow, being tortured?

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