I google “greatest geniuses of all time” in multiple European languages, multiple Asian languages, and multiple Middle Eastern languages, and the non-euros are surprisingly not as biased as I expected. Except the Indians, only Indians can be geniuses. Just a quick glance around and it’s pretty constant, seeing Newton and da Vinci. Goethe is on lots of lists too, even the Hebrew ones. Then also the usual suspects, Einstein and Roger. You ever read Einstein’s writings though? Sounds like something off a Hallmark card.

Gonna go with…


He also expected the apocalypse to occur in the year 2060. Nothing to worry about.

You’ve probably heard of his Principia Mathematica. He wrote about alchemy on the side also while he was writing that.

Lots of languages on google at least do attest to this

Isaac Newton (1643-1727) is still regarded by the world as the greatest scientist who ever lived.

His writings on religion were published posthumously because of all the heresies they contained.

Same reaction to Yeats’ occultism

In the mid nineteenth century, Newton’s biographer David Brewster marveled at the fact that “a mind of such power, and so nobly occupied with the abstractions of geometry” could concern itself with the alchemical charlatanry “of a fool and a knave.”

He was trying to discover the true religion. He thought that the Catholic church corrupted it.

Looks like he’s an Æther-truther.

The Kabbalists and Neoplatonists agree with this

bodies receive their gravity from a fine, descending matter

The spiritual negroes are soooooo far away from the Source. Stone Age retards. Please revoke their right to vote immediately. GRUGETTE GIT BALLOT!

As you probably expect, I’m looking for “the perfect book” on Newton.

Where to begin, after his death many of his writings gave his family a sense of unease

They were immediately suppressed as “unfit to be printed,” and, aside from brief, troubling glimpses spread across centuries, the papers would remain hidden from sight for more than seven generations.

An auction in 1936

involved more than three hundred lots of Isaac Newton’s manuscripts–virtually unknown private writings

5 million words. They kept them hidden because they thought they’d undermine science itself. He IS kind of like the Jesus of science. He was even born on Christmas.

The document he was preparing the days before his death was The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms.

What could this be about

astronomy and chronology were “fused into a single pursuit not identifiable with any modern discipline.”

From a 2012 study

Mysteries of the 18th century!

Why do the orcs and goblins hate someone like me so much, what a blight upon my life.

Anyway, why did he find this significant to study for half his life?

The chief thing wch I have endeavoured to shew is that the Argonautic expedition was about 40 or 45 years after the death of Solomon

Not gonna lie, his astronomical writings about this might as well not be in English.

These scholars claim that the Newton of the Principia Mathematica is present in his writings on the origin of civilization and the apocalypse. It hinges on the idea of trusting and distrusting evidence. 2060 anyone? If Nostradamus said it then I’d be more skeptical. This isn’t Nostradamus.

He was writing about the same time as Vico – this must have been “in the air” in Europe

Population growth during that early, postdiluvian era led to the rise of towns inhabited by multiple families.

This presupposition of his that civilization began and it will end is controversial to people of today. A brown America might as well be an apocalypse. That thought gives the demons glee I am sure. “No more culture haha!” Then they’ll say “That’s not going to happen…” And yet we’re already very palpably halfway there. Once everyone has jungle DNA we’ll be all the way there. Don’t expect a new Newton in those conditions, or even a 1/16th Newton. “Who cares!” shriek the albino apes.

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