Returning to the beginning in a different way now, through 1920s anthropology

On the whole my feelings toward the natives are decidedly tending to exterminate the brutes.

This is from Malinowski’s diary. Not sure if he’s canceled yet. Some say his work was as important as The Golden Bough.

The women’s faces pleasant, not the perennial whorish expression of the Kiriwina women.

Don’t you want a vision of future (and present) America? Brutes and whores.

I’m pulling this from an essay written by a Chinaman – you bitter, boy?

Relax, he wasn’t writing about the Chinese, or Africans, or Latinos

This Chinaman must feel hurt

They were in loincloths made of straw!!

Ellis Island orcs and goblins are the exact same way (in my view). All cultures are relative because they feel so hurt. Get over it!

This diary is funny, we can do anthropology on an anthropologist through it. When being around the savages was too much he’d read classic literature or go for walks along the hills and bays

I began to roar out a Wagnerian melody.

I found a book of his when I was looking for material on the Argonautica since that was so crucial for Newton. Malinowski has a book called Argonauts of the Western Pacific which I never heard of. Symptomatically disappeared? I remember in college they had us read his later writings on religion – is that the safer material?

Remember Chinua Achebe on the Heart of Darkness?

grotesque echoes of its own forgotten darkness

They don’t want brown students hearing those echoes. They probably don’t want the professors hearing them.

The irony of this Chinaman is that he’s sermonizing about how “ethnocentrism” is primitive. So… you agree “the primitive” exists then…?

Did you know this existed? Might be better than Conrad for a snapshot of “prehistory”

Since the appearance of Malinowski’s diary, some have questioned the propriety of its publication.

This Chinaman has given us a helpful guide to the 1967 version of the diary’s “best parts”

Get a glimpse of your future self in America

his occasional violent outbursts as no clear proof of lack of empathy with the people he was among

No, they must have forgotten to mention this diary in those uni courses!

The good old days

What do you expect?

Notice the cohesiveness of this post and the previous one. I go from one scientist to another.

There are two Atlantises to discover- the advanced and the primitive. They keep both out of our awareness.

Heh this reviewer calls the diary the most infamous and honest document of the field of anthropology.

About another book of his – this is essentially what the left thinks is going to replace the police

described how ‘law and order’ was maintained in the Trobriands through various sanctions, including the threat of sorcery.

White leftists are already halfway to this spiritually

I feel like Malinowski observing them.

There must be other Malinowskis to find too. I want a vision of the future.

Seeing lots of Russian ethnographers, one Миклухо-Маклай for instance. He died before the 1900s, even better. Ah nope never mind, he’s a prog.

I’m interested in racism because I’m interested in lowbrow vs. highbrow. Those labels can only usually be applied to white people. The other races aren’t even lowbrow. Tribal ethnography is the study of extreme tastelessness. And most of the browns of the west can’t be said to have truly left their huts.

The best anthropologists are going to be purposely obscured in our time. Looking around, Gustav Klemm seems like one of those. I’m trying to see the different “human” subspecies as if for the first time. Probably have to go back at least to his time, the 1800s, for that. They put some of the older blank-slave anthropologists out front and center, those are usually the only ones people learn about. Going from Newton to this discipline isn’t a coincidence… only a slight shift…

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