That was the most “living in a society” thing I’ve had to do for a while. I think Aristophanes is right in the Clouds when I have an experience like that. I just want to be a postmodern version of a monk I guess. Family doesn’t understand not wanting to be a cog in the machine. It’s no exaggeration either to say that having a wife requires you to schmooze kikes. Just stop making up excuses about that please, it’s true. Even millionaires have to schmooze, else they’ll probably cease to be millionaires. What else explains all their silences? I can’t do this shit forever though! Unless? Culture needs some form of self-awareness about itself and the only way is to sacrifice most normal things that make people happy.

Pretty much all they talked about was spouses, children, funerals – is that what life is about?

Then I was also listening to one 95 year old talk about being in the navy during WW2. Imagine that experience for me. People are still alive who can remember when Roosevelt was president, clear as day. That’s one of the problems with the kinds of things I talk about, that it’s too soon. I just think that wars the old-timers had shouldn’t have to determine what we believe today. 18 year old American kids shooting people in Europe didn’t understand the essence of the Germans, they were just “doing their duty”. Now that we can look at it more objectively, i.e. since we don’t have people shooting guns at us trying to kill us, we can attain a more rational conclusion about the direction European peoples should move. I say every country can do what it wants even if it resembles Nazis, and we should have one new country at the very least. “Countries shouldn’t be able to do what they want.” You sound like an idiot. Jews have their own country now, and if they aren’t liked then they have a place to go. Truly, the only people who like them have been brainwashed by Jews to like them. The Germans were good people and now we’re creating ape-human hybrids to do the direct opposite of them. That’s where we’re at. The Allies didn’t understand the essence of the Germans because you know why? Only probably 1% of the population understands that, and it was probably similar in those days. Renaissance mindset vs. leveling dystopia, and we have the latter now. And we live in such a totalitarian time that one needs to sacrifice most things that make one happy in order to even talk about this. The brainwash is so systematic that it’s probably only orcs and goblins reading this for the most part. It’s the world you want to live in, right?

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