If you want to know my genuine interpretation of my experience of the sublime digital revolution the last several years my main memories are of how weak people are.

They want to live normal lives so I guess that’s salutary. What constitutes “normal” though is the question. And it is crystal clear to me that what “normal” means is a life beneath human dignity.

The only way to cause a paradigm-shift is through group-sacrifice, and people are always content to watch me float away into space alone.

This reveals the two-sided character of the demands put on people. It’s not only that people are forced to schmooze. More controversially, people tend to be the ones who seek to be schmoozed.

This is getting at something very subtle with the “eso/exo” concept. When you identify with the establishment you are not an esoteric person in any sense. There is no need for you to hint about anything, because it’s other people who are hinting about people like you instead. Orcs and goblins love having this kind of control, in fact it’s an intrinsic feature to being the creatures they are. They can’t handle criticism. “I’m not a mythological creature.” No, you just remind me of one, very strongly, in ways someone like you could never understand. “I’m here aren’t I?” What’s here mean if you’re probably just another one of the weak people I initially noted? There’s nothing there. That’s my main experience of this new technology known as the internet- there’s nothing there.

I think of it as electricity in a way. They keep certain currents disconnected from each other. You could’ve been something great and you decided to be a sell-out, that’s my main take on the internet. People are social animals, and they’re more human when they’re not atomized. Over and over again I’ve seen the opportunity not taken because of weakness. Just admit for once you’re a cog in the machine. You don’t have freedom and you’re only squandering the potential of the internet.

Then I realize I’m talking to these same ones who I refer to above. Weak people will never be able to accept what they are. You are a Jews’ slave and a type of nigger, making excuses for it. And that’s the end of the story. “We’ll make sure people don’t perceive it that way.”

Anyway yeah, that’s the main theme of the internet that I’ve gathered, that people are weak to a pitiful degree and have to make excuses for themselves constantly.

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