That Loeb Library looks so biased when you look at the Classical section here

What eyes can sprout on our face from any of these? Is that an exhaustive listing of literature from the medieval age I wonder? Wikipedia does tend to be more thorough a place to look than most other places, at least for a first glance at something. When I look at the above I imagine humans as being different kinds of plants that were nourished with different nutrients. And we are ourselves plants that can decide to be nourished by certain nutrients that we choose. Who knows what can be found in some of these. Like I said, we’re biased as only a sample of the above was put right in front of us during our education, often a very cosmetic sample- think of learning about Egyptian hieroglyphics in early school. All those above are probably their own worlds that one can travel to.

Medieval Malay literature – who ever would have looked there?

They keep our focus so narrow. Focusing on American things isn’t enough. It has to be 21st century America. More than that, it has to be 2021 America. More than that, it has to be June 2021 America. More than that, it has to be June 15th, 2021 America!

How about 13th century Catalan literature? Why do I want to live in June 15th, 2021 America world? Is it against the law not to? “You have to keep up with the march of progress. Seems so biased, looking at all those other writings from different times and places.

Worship of the god Dionysus forces me to cross boundaries. Aren’t you tired of all the “remakes” that are made every ten years or whatever? Looking around in these bizarre places is how we can change that.

I challenge you to say something today that doesn’t make you sound like you’re living on June 15th, 2021. Can you do it? “I have to talk that way, that’s when I live.” Really, does this post sound like something someone from June 15th, 2021 usually says?

Anyway, decided to go with old Malay literature and this is odd to read

There ARE animal qualities to Egyptian and Aztec gods. The Malay world is sort of like China’s Central America

Seeing this is somewhat jarring

These gods are distant from the animal gods, zoomorphism as it’s called.

And those old gods are different from these old gods

And the new gods of today can’t be represented either zoomorphically or anthropomorphically. They’re “secularized”.

You can choose one, or both, or neither, or the Egyptian crocodile god Sebek.

You don’t have to believe in the June 15th, 2021 god.

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