Would you prefer I say something that doesn’t hit a nerve? Ahh just mocking the west’s subconscious constantly. If you really wanted to, you could mock it with me. That’s pretty much been my objective, getting you to see that. It’s possible for you to not be the one who is mocked. The majority of course doesn’t care if it is mocked, because it after all is the majority and it decides what gets to be mocked at the end of the day. If THAT many people agree with you I really wonder if you’re right. You’d have to believe our society is a utopia or something if you believed the majority is right. “Yes it is!” People want to tell themselves that. The truth is the a minority is right, and even they disagree among themselves- the only thing they agree about is their opposition to the majority, rabble, demos, passionate irrational nature of the herd. You’re just doing the devil’s work and you hate true progress if you align with the herd. You get one life and you wasted it. An ideal government is one with a minority in control, yes we have that now, it’s rather about installing a more ideal minority from within the minority that conflicts with the herd. From a certain minority’s perspective, the minority in control of the herd at present is itself herd-like. I feel like one of those Native Americans they spread disease to and tried to wipe out in the old days. The difference is, YOU are the savage one in the equation. It’s time to just hand it over, the world will be better off. You have no idea what you’re doing whatsoever. That is because you never were obsessed about truth and the real meaning of political philosophy. Can you admit it? How could you ever feel secure in your opinion about politics if you never cared about that? I think you’re just a conman. The subjects under your control are direct evidence of that. Stunted souls that are distant from god, they might as well already be living in hell. That was on your watch. So I deduce you’re not going to hand it over peacefully. Thus, my next deduction is that a violent revolt is the only option. Create citizens who live in hell and you refuse to learn from your mistakes, getting murdered is what you deserve, and what will be better for everyone. “I never have to directly respond, that’s the joy of being a tyrant.” People aren’t happy, you’re supposed to be an accountant my venerable Finkelstein. One way I trust you is with numbers, counting. Being the shepherd of a political order is not something I trust you with. I might have, then I took a look at the people you’re responsible for, and they’re Bacon paintings. So are you ready to fess up yet? Or do you want those paintings which are human lives to look even more grotesque in the future? “Tyrants don’t need to respond.” I’m responding for you. Your backwards desert religion is over. “Not when I can brainwash anyone to believe anything.” Are you sure you aren’t a Bacon painting yourself? You’re clearly a troubled person who needs to have a real talk with someone who isn’t a brown-noser. Even your best Jews have to capitulate, what are you doing? The totalitarianism of the kagal of classical Judaism is very much with us today. How do you like those Greeks, Jew? Let’s not even mention those Germans. We know every last one of your neuroticisms reveal their ugly face when they are brought up. People who believed in dialectic rather than totalitarianism, you must hate that. “Exactly, I’m a tyrant.” You admit that, ah never mind, I had to do that for you. Babysteps for the rancid being that doesn’t even have its own country. You do the same thing today that proves you shouldn’t have your own country. Israel itself should be 110. The proof of that fact is that so few people talk like I do, verging on none at all. You want Absolute Control and you don’t care if your subjects resemble Bacon paintings. Anyone who questions whether people truly look that way will be exiled from society, especially if they reveal the hidden source, which is you, kike. This Yahweh up in the clouds everyone has to be so terrified and reverent toward is only a kike to me.

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