They already have altered the results when googling Bacon. They use machine learning to make you accept the idea that you should turn into a nigger and never ask questions again. Many are already too far down that road. I do try to isolate certain “constants” in society and one seems to be that you can’t accept a woman if she’s a sell-out, and the only option in order to reproduce is to soothe her about how non-retarded she is. That’s her nature, to be a sell-out, it’s fine to acknowledge it. “Acknowledging it makes people wonder if I’m a sell-out too, which I am.” So you admitted that? After all our fun time here you did say that. “Watch, I’m going to go ahead and speak about it in detail in public.” Sure you are…

All the non-humans use capital and technology to make you sure you aren’t heard at all. Haven’t you heard from this place yet? I’m just a normal guy ranting about this or that given the day, and all of a sudden I need to be censored through “symbolical cultural gestures” which never mention me directly? It’s all a bunch of niggers hiding who they are. Try not to get caught up in all of that.

“We will. We are zombies. We believe it’s good to believe in being an ape, we were brainwashed.” Yes, that is the case. Different sorts of niggers try to convince you that looking like a turd with a human body deserves to be recognized as a human. Jews, and the rest of the types of trash are subhumans and try to hide it using herd instincts and the capital they derive from it. Good for you, I have the attention-span to read for more than a page. Looks like you’re a type of nigger that never learned to read. I do try to show you how to though, because you’re someone who has to be abused before they are taught.

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