Anyone else smirk when they see something like this?

This is another book of Bourdieu’s, this one from the 60s. Sociologists don’t talk like him anymore. His book on taste that I drew from is from the 70s. Not to brag, if you’re here then yours probably isn’t so bad. Calling something middlebrow to me is like calling the sky blue. I do not live in the world of imposed relativist illusion whatsoever. Detecting someone’s statement as “lowbrow” is as effortless as detecting a zit on their face.

Ever since Biden took office things have gotten more lowbrow. You know what I always call “the demos”? It’s not a coincidence that the DEMOcratic party is called that. Within the wider context of the decline of the west in general we’re allowed these oscillations between high and low, and the democrats most certainly represent the low. Biden was a national decision to slumber, to join the demos in their slumber of coarse ignorance. Don’t shoot the messenger. I feel like a human alarm clock that goes off about five times a day. “Let me sleep!” Don’t visit here, nigger, I already told you. Fry chicken bucket head. I’m going to start calling you philistines matzo balls as a term of endearment.

What’ll you take?

Urban Dictionary says talking like this makes you a “douche”. You think I care?

I like to see a sunrise at the beach. That’s beautiful. There’s nothing like a sunrise in our culture, whether in discourse or anything else on the screens.

These opening up everywhere is what I see

I close those and try to put a padlock on them, that is my contribution to society.

Did you happen to bother trying to not live in June 15th, 2021 yesterday? If you live in the present you are necessarily one with the rabble, the lowbrow. You hate truth and beauty. There’s no getting around it, that’s what it is.

Earlier I was laughing at the thought of a public figure in my age group publicly announcing her conversion to Christianity. That would be a change of pace from the typical tastelessness one sees. Even though I have reservations about Christianity it is still a possible stronghold that can preserve high culture. That’s why leftists hate it so much, it represents standards and responsibility. “Anyone can do anything anytime anywhere, nothing matters.” Want to get shot? Nope, you’re just a lowbrow clod of dirt. Hopefully someone washes you down into a sewer.

I like this concept

it looks like we live in a browless free-for-all.

This is ubiquitous, how disgusting, how pathetic

Lowbrow thrives on cheap thrills aimed at the lowest common denominator.

Just admit it if you’re someone like this visiting this site

people who are hoping that some day they will get used to the stuff they ought to like.

Those are what that Xenophon scholar blatantly calls bad natures. I do believe some people are able to change and grow. Don’t be phony though- if you’re trailer trash just admit it to the world. Don’t present yourself to the public as if you are the height of culture. That just normalizes tastelessness. Throw your arms out and scream it to the world what you are.


I’d love to see it.

Do you ever feel this way when you visit here my little matzo ball?

You might not have been born that way. All social engineering is aimed at lowering your brow.

Ugh, we need this so desperately

the highbrow-policed status quo

Whoa, I’ve been meaning to read her

Who’s afraid? Died in 1941, lucky gal.

This wiki description says it all about our cherished zeitgeist

Remember to be a good prog and never look too closely at an African’s skull.

The word “middlebrow” appeared in 1925. A sign of the times. The synthesis of low and high. We’re living in an age where the high has disappeared altogether.

Looks like Matthew Arnold and T. S. Eliot have books on this general subject. Two I’d trust to build a sturdy “shelter”.

I’m above all a theorist of leveling. And this talk of “brows” really gets to the heart of that cultural phenomenon. Lowbrow masked as nobrow is the enforced standard. If you want a symbol, think bleached eyebrows. “I want you to bleach ME!” Be careful, you can get in lots of trouble if you openly desire non-lowbrow kids.

This is the “blossoming” of the telos of the American and French Revolutions

We live—and have been living for a long time—in the age of nobrow

Think of a painter’s palette. The ones the Culture Industry designs for us ready-made in their factories have a great range of colors to choose from, and mostly it’s forms of mud to dip your brush in. Sludge, muck, clay if you’re lucky, bog slime green, even literal liquid dung- then there’s a small section of the palette you could utilize, though which they advise against, consisting of emerald, scarlet, turquoise, and the like. The lowbrows never use the latter colors for their paintings. They live on June 16th, 2021.

Ah then I’m going to have to read something else

People from earlier times would have been embarrassed to write something like the above. What color paint is this book in, according to this explicit statement? I mean, at least they’re honest. Who else is honest? Virtually no one.

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