I mean, they were probably right

Racism in France can be traced back to the 1560’s when the nobles claimed to be of a separate race in order to obtain special rights and privileges.

Why was I born in this time. I’ll never take back anything I’ve said- almost all of humanity is one shade of nigger or another. I must be of a separate race myself, what other explanation is there?

I’m trying to get a bird’s-eye-view on Ernest Renan, who is obscure today though he was considered one of the greatest minds in Europe in the 19th century. This is how he is portrayed in Edward Said’s work

Renan’s name is often synonymous with the European oppressor during the colonial era.

He’s not a “biological essentialist” at least

Semitic races are not physical races but linguistic races, a notion that then allows Renan to determine that the Semitic races are inferior due to their languages.

Yes, if you constantly feel driven to partake in the coon redemption sacrament you are a nigger. It’s the end of the story. No more illusions about that. I don’t care how alienating that is to say. It’s true. None of these people should have a vote or a say in anything. You are from the primitive times and you happen to live in the present.

The plebs literally don’t want reminders of this, so anyone who is able to “think like the old nobility” they want gone. Yup, we evolved, you didn’t. That’s the story of history. Plebs breed like rabbits because that’s all they can do since they can’t appreciate fine art, say, and thus they are a majority who despises all the evolved types who remind them of their humble lot. Dumber than a box of rocks and incapable of being educated. All they can do is scrub the dirt off their face and merely appear like a civilized person. You don’t fool me, I want you back toiling away on my farm where you belong, and keeping your mouth shut. Does this way of talking remind you of “the good old days”? You know I’m not even joking, that’s the funny part, at least to me.

You should feel sympathy for me, that I have to be this way, it’s just who I am. “You can be that way in a gulag!” We seriously are at that point in the decline of our civilization. Same thing that happened in Russia is happening in a subtler way here. Anyone who is distinct from the average pleb is despised.

It’s better to try to learn the way people like me think instead of hating us. Do you want to be a pleb forever? Is that what your Marxist paradise looks like? It seems so.

Baby-machines evolved to be retards who can only talk to children. U mad? That’s the reality, do you not like it? We’re all supposed to lower the tone of our conversation to suit their needs. Their humble mental domain. No, I’m not doing it. Civilization is going to burn unless you accept it. Is that where you want your daughters living? That destiny is already pretty much locked-in. The west is turning into a nigger jungle.

All because of the bitter plebs and all the rest that evolved to be braindead and crude.

Not a lie has been spoken here. You probably prefer public discourse where lies proliferate, huh? Sorry, my idea of being a friend is telling the truth. Do you want to be secretly seen as someone who should be on a farm without any valuable opinion? Make no mistake, there are some just like me who are very secretive people. They know well the torch and pitchfork mechanism at work in most people’s “souls”. It’s your choice if you want to be perceived that way.

There aren’t just different “races”. There are different castes within the white race, and those themselves might as well be different races altogether. All these buffoons who have a patently plebeian nature should be marked and known as what they are so people don’t take anything they say as having validity. What, you like the illusions they propagate? You like how they try to universalize their vulgar instincts? I’m suggesting to you an alternative to that. Don’t like the implications do you. What are you, one of the vulgar ones yourself? Oh yeah we love having that in the world. Thank you for your contribution, it is much appreciated. We love unevolved types being regarded as having equal dignity to anyone else. It’s great for the world when we do that.

Hmm.. here’s another obscure anthropologist from earlier times- Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. Both Kant and Schelling called him a profound biological theorist. We’re not allowed to have those anymore. Imagine seeing a shiny college textbook on castes within European peoples ahahaha!

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