Read something cursed about Boulainvilliers which I’m not going to mention, and that’s really rare when that happens. I can sympathize with him though. He’s had bad press for three centuries over it, I read someone else say. There are grim implications that follow from a glimpse of the true nature of human bondage. Everything can’t be blamed on the given political order. There is bondage with or without one, and even with a perfect one.

I still keep laughing about this

If nothing else I hope you emerge from all this with a better understanding of Clarke’s Childhood’s End. If UFOs visited earth they’d have to wait many years for people to get acclimated to their presence before they even introduced themselves. This fact is very obvious to me.

I mentioned Boulainvilliers before here. While you often hear about the Ancien Régime, you don’t often see writings by actual aristocrats from that time.

This is one of the subjects he concerned himself with

the nature of the higher degrees of the nobility

We’re back at this idea again

From the gutter, where we are, we can only dimly perceive what it’s like before the fall. Even in Boulainvilliers’ own time he lamented the fall of the nobility. In other words, he (1658-1722) was a reactionary himself.

Another obscure untranslated text for the genealogists

This is the only monograph on Boulainvilliers since the 40s, and most of his writings still aren’t in English after 300 years.

He was the first French translator of Spinoza and even wrote a book on the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus.

They keep certain books in gulags too, and Boulainvilliers’ seem to be some of them, at least judging by descriptions.

I like to study these types of people when I see all the white niggers around. What worthless failed human experiments. Evidently, that idea of “progress” didn’t work. People from the high points in the history of civilization wouldn’t be wrong to keep them in cages at a zoo. Though I wouldn’t put my little matzo ball in a zoo now would I. As inhuman as all this sounds it’s the closest thing to reality you’re going to see anywhere unfortunately. Best to stay far away from the wretched ones, in a monastery of the mind. Orcs are real, goblins are real, and the minority that isn’t one or the other has to take on their characteristics in order not to be engulfed by them. Might as well be standing on a box at a slave auction any time they talk and shill for the establishment. Slavenigger look at you! I’ll take one for… two dollars! No, make that two dimes. Be a prostitute like one of them, that’s the way to go. The world is your oyster, the only prerequisite is that you have to be a whore. Once again, the only reality you’re going to see anywhere.

Anyway, this is the standard for 20th century literature on the subject, let alone 21st

it may seem that ideologies of aristocratic reaction have not been explained but explained away

This scholar himself, from the 80s, naturally refers to Boulainvilliers’ views as “monstrous”. Even in Nietzsche’s time in the 19th century all this was controversial.

I’m sure I have many readers who are filled with a frenzy of bloodthirst at the sight of this. I mean, I am too- it’s a question of whom is to be decapitated. I’m sure I don’t see eye to eye with many people in that regard. “Off with the heads of those who sympathize with people like Boulainvilliers!”

If we want to ascend to a pinnacle in the political cycle ourselves we need to gather together and rehabilitate these types.

“We like wallowing at the nadir, sorry.”

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