Jumping about a century later from Arnold to T. S. Eliot

The writer himself is not without political convictions and prejudices; but the imposition of them is no part of his present intention. What I try to say is this: here are what I believe to be essential conditions for the growth and for the survival of culture.

He began writing this book during the war, and the sentences that follow the above one are conspicuously Axis flavored. Remember, this is the one who continued to promote the work of Pound after they threw him in the loony bin.

The revenge truly never ends if you question their rules founded on the principle of might makes right. Everything you believe rests on nothingness. They’ll never forgive you for reminding them of that. In this age of nihilism it’s the only form of Absolutism they have, and when you take that away they flail in the abyss. Might as well be a demon factory I’m running.

Have we even had a real poet in America since Eliot? He even moved from the US, he knew this was a racial dumping ground for the wretched of the earth.

Being such a poet, I take him as an authority. This he says in 1948

the standards of culture are lower than they were fifty years ago

“Pound outlived him though, shouldn’t HE be recognized as the eminent American poet?” Let’s not go there…

He died in Europe too ahahahhaha

Oh great, within the first few pages Eliot invokes that writer the left pretends isn’t the founder of anthropology. Hmm, the founder of the science of providing a rational account of humanity needs to be forgotten, what a sign that is.

Can’t say this about the US

He actively critiques Arnold’s book on culture in this, so we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Eliot is one of those “last gasps” of high art. I showed you with Trilling that in the 50s the turn downward was beginning. After that you mostly get “nobrow” books on culture.

This is sharp

The country was founded on freeing the slaves. Since even after they were freed they continued to have slavish, animal-like natures, the “Revolution” needed to continue, and it does, through unexpected ways, namely through the rest of the population turning into those slaves. “No one is one when everyone is one” is their motto- the reality is that when everyone is one, everyone is one. The pity continent known as Africa is the ideal to strive for here. The people who live in June 16th, 2021 certainly are pitiful too. I’m probably speaking to a pale version of Kunta Kinte right now. Is that you? Is that what “culture” is to you?

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