It’s cool some genuinely care about the fate of the nation. I mean even leftists. Even if we don’t agree, at least you care. It’s interesting to note a similarity of ours- the real meaning of leftism is kept in the shadows, the real meaning of rightism is kept in the shadows. Do I myself exemplify rightism in every way? No, I still have my ideals though. If you want to develop a science of humanity this seems significant. Trump and Biden hide so much about what people relate to them represent. People who are concerned mostly with their career and family don’t think too much about that. If you’re reading this here now, you’re probably more of a political person than most. I remember back in the day before I cared about this stuff, you’d see a president and think that’s what the country is about. Referring to the political philosophies of either side as “extremisms” is another form of naivete. No, we’re just what those “faces” really mean without any recourse to the rabble. Do we agree about anything? You could never know, because only the leftist side is allowed in public discourse. So for now I only conclude that both left and right are similar in being kept obscure. Neither of us could get what we want with popular politics. I genuinely do have hope that things will change at least slightly once the boomers have closed their eyes for the last time. Is that mean to say? They keep us in primitive times. Then again, I think of the typical person around my age and it seems they’re as plastic as Biden. Maybe he really is your true representative.

This is the immigrants’ paradise. There are dark ways of understanding that. People moved here because they didn’t like their homeland. In many cases it seems they took what they didn’t like about their homeland with them. If you’re a “leftist” for that reason, then I don’t really see you as the true esoteric left. That’s just a desperate, miserable person grasping and groping. Wonder why they keep people like me out of public discourse and only indirectly scapegoat them? It’s because we know you better than you know yourselves. You might look at Marx as the beacon of truth, and that’s an exceptional case. Others see simulacra of him in “Bernie” and now Biden. From my standpoint Marx himself is a type of Biden. Could you ever accept it?

I will concede to you though that both the ~extremist~ versions of left and right are similar in being the shining lights that are generally kept out of the public eye. Once we don’t have to deal with all the baggage of the 20th century that the old-timers carry I say we divide the US in half, and I won’t even aim a nuke at the left, you can do whatever you want.

“Too bad for you we do what we want already, and an intrinsic part of that is making sure you don’t exist anymore.” The way you probably see Biden, I see you. It’s a postmodern rendition of the Spartans vs. the Athenians. People who don’t truly care about education… guess which one the left is.

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