This is an undemocratic place for you to be. When you ask “What is culture?” there are answers many do not like to hear. People from the 21st century do not factor into the equation. For instance, one of the first answers I think of is “Aquinas”. Rational theology is what culture is, in my mind, and he exemplifies that. How can God, the real God, rather than an idol, appear in the human realm, that is the question.

It isn’t likely. Billions and billions of people just like you and me have existed. Only a dozen or so are worthy of being called “culture”. Hating white males is culture though, right? “I have no response, thus you have to be indirectly scapegoated for years because I am so weak.” You admitted your weakness, strange.

Besides Aquinas, there are different human beings in different genres.

“We do whatever we’re told, we don’t care.” And imagine why I don’t care to seed you. That’s pretty much everything. If you’re a conformist who cares. Our time is characterized by indiscriminate “orgies” that incorporate subhumans into society.

I’m a person too, I can understand the eroticism of my internal Grug wanting to fuck five girls at once. At the same time, I still have an ideal of finding someone who isn’t part of the wave toward idolatry. Where does such a woman exist? I haven’t seen it and it makes life quite meaningless.

Besides Aquinas though there are a few others I’d suggest if you wanted to know the “meaning of culture”. Even most whites can’t understand Aquinas. Once they’re brown they’ll never understand. That’s called deciding to be a nigger out of bitterness. I’m sure that isn’t you.

“Great minds of the west never existed!”

You might think it’s a caricature. That’s my experience of white people. There isn’t much to go off of when they’re like that.

“So tell me already what Aquinas was about.” You can try to understand that for yourself if there is anything worth saving in you. June 16th, 2021, still a few more hours before you need to adjust to the majority’s brilliant demands. June 17th, here is what you believe. You’re one with the uneducated people. “No I’m not.” Yes, you can’t even say that directly because you and the vulgar imbeciles are the same thing.

Force yourself to read Aquinas for two hours. That is better than any church in my opinion.

Ask “What is culture?” this is my instant response whether you like it or not.

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