A dissertation by someone named Holly

It’s not all “muggle women” out there, what a relief.

You can’t “create new realities” in academia otherwise I’d go there, to “my people”, or at least approximations of my people. Academics can only ever be onanists.

Even outside the academy they’re like that too though. Back to that idea of birds and the air. The birds tell themselves they’re the counter-culture, when the truth is they’re flying in the dominant culture’s air. That’s essential to their self-esteem, to have this self-deception that they’re the counter-culture. It’s a species of con-artistry. That’s just who they are, they’re never going to change. Their souls and Capital are woven together. Part of the nature of this, I emphasize again, is the self-deception about the truth of that. Their brains get more dopamine happy chemicals when they tell themselves they are independent individuals. To them, while other people might be pure conformists, they on the other hand are people whose opinions arose through spontaneity and their own freedom. Aww that’s cute, you believe in 100% of what the corporations of June 17th, 2021 believe too. ~Pure spontaneity~. Do you like following orders or something? That seems to be the case. I think they’d have a mental breakdown if they truly faced the fact that their own volition isn’t really part of the equation. They can only function because they lie to themselves about that. “I decided! I’m being ME!” No you’re not, you believe exactly the things everyone is demanded to believe. These are the gears of humanity that aren’t really people, every age has them. Real people don’t follow orders, they have freewill. This is how they prevent atom bombs from being dropped on society- everyone, especially the younger, has an impulse to rebel, and they steer that impulse in directions that aren’t rebellion at all WHILE giving the “rebels” the illusion that they are authentically rebelling. It’s a scam. I see it as a sort of SSRI, because it makes them happy to believe themselves to be rebels. No, these “rebels” are exactly the type of people that real rebels rebel against. The most visible surface of society is pure con-artistry. You always look at a bird in the sky and never see the air. It’s easy to talk about “living in an illusion”, and much more difficult to acknowledge when you yourself are living in one. That is clearly the case with the pseudo-rebels in question. Like I said, I don’t think they will change, they get happy chemicals for deceiving themselves about this. If you hope to win a “Stalin Prize” some day you simply have zero dignity. Only in the eyes of fellow sell-outs do you have any dignity. And that’s enough. All that is sought is praise, not justified praise. Cheap thrills for cheap people. That gives many all the happy brain chemicals they need to feel their life is meaningful. Follow orders, get rewarded, repeat. Why are they handing out plastic medals? I guess some people feel honored to wear one of those. “I feel so appreciated.” You’re honored for being dishonorable so I’m sure you do, wink wink. “I don’t give a shit!” Trust me, I know. You could easily be like me if you wanted. Those plastic medals are too much of a temptation. The vulgar lowbrows hold you in high esteem and that’s all you need to feel contentment in life, must be nice. Life is a lottery and you got “corporate drone” as your destiny, I wouldn’t call that very lucky. Might as well enjoy life though, even if the only freedom you have is a sort of mock-freedom that you require self-deception to feel happy about. This is typically the kind of DNA robot that hates people with real freedom. It’s fine, I try to take you under my wing despite that. Creating new realities induces a nobler form of happiness and I want others to have that as well. To do that they have to stop lying to themselves and acknowledge that they merely enact a pseudo-revolt. They don’t create a new reality, they operate within a reality someone else designed for them. Who would want to breed with such a conformist? “Lots of lowbrow cretins, that’s who!” Wow, you really go above and beyond, huh?

This is still my favorite actually rebellious satire I’ve seen in the wild

Not only are people conformists, which is bad enough- THIS is the goal OF their conformity. They follow orders and feel cheap self-esteem brain chemicals for promoting the disappearance of the mind. And what’s more, HIDING the fact that’s what they’re doing. They get a plastic medal and praise from the imbeciles for making people braindead and concealing that fact.

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