Another one of my favorite authors years ago, who I’ve never read anyone’s take on, Hermann Hesse

This makes me think that HE was the protagonist in some of his novels.

I was surprised to see him in this the first time I saw it, and when I reflect more I don’t think it’s so surprising- he’s a solid novelist

The distinct sense that people would be overwhelmed with joy if you died… My way of life follows from a few of the ones above. What do you have to do to upset people THAT much?

I found this secondary text while writing that post on brows.

You can’t tell me this isn’t a profound problem in our culture

This is a word very similar to “rabble” except it more emphasizes the defectiveness of their aesthetic dimension. Another difference is that this type is something more than the rabble, they try to distinguish themselves from the rabble. It’s an amateur posing as an expert. This is a similar species to the con-artist and the sophist. It’s ultimately a lowkey form of anti-intellectualism.

Here’s a good definition

a person who is lacking in or hostile or smugly indifferent to cultural values, intellectual pursuits, aesthetic refinement, etc., or is contentedly commonplace in ideas and tastes.

What separates the philistine from the typical rabble is they try to give the impression they’re a snob of their own kind. They purport to represent true culture. There’s often a rhetorical trick here- usually they equate high and low culture, and dismiss high culture, preferring low. Read Aquinas for two hours and get back to me on that idea that high culture doesn’t exist.

You know you don’t HAVE to identify with the types that I disparage. You don’t HAVE to sit there thinking “I’m a philistine!!” That’s just your choice.

Frauds, Tartuffes

did no more than conceal what the lout in the street made no attempt to conceal, the inability to comprehend the essential things of life.

You might be familiar with the way Socrates tracked down, pinned down, “found out” what a sophist was, through the method of division

I’m always doing this sort of thing. Earlier for instance in my deduction regarding conformists of cheap praise whose project is secret lobotomy. Bravo, bravo, you should be proud of yourself. Those birds are a species of philistine. Anti-rebels in rebels’ garb. And it just seems like a law of nature to me for them to scapegoat the one who shows them that they live a lie. In our totalitarian culture there isn’t much choice- you either have to be a philistine or a goat-sacrifice. “You can be something in between.” Can you?

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