Any time I make harsh judgments concerning the demos you always have the option of identifying with the one criticizing or being the one criticized. My suspicion is that in most cases people do not feel like the criticizer. I don’t have a happy story to tell you to make you feel good- if you feel criticized it’s very likely because you’re one of the orcs I speak of. I don’t expect to ever be able to help you, only to tattoo the word “Nigger” on your forehead. Attend to your experience, do you identify with the criticizer or the criticized? That tells you who you are, or in many cases, what you are. I am not here to appease subhumans, that’s like throwing feed to chickens, a lowly activity. Most people are miseducated, so I proceed with a hope that I can somehow help them remember that they are not truly an orc at the core of their self. Again, my suspicion is that many people are just that, and there’s no helping them. They will look for every excuse to feel happy about being one with the demos, which is to say the uneducated and profoundly retarded. Yes, this might surprise you, that many find it soothing to be one with the braindead retards.

I remember learning about “The Mystery of Being” years ago via Marcel, a forgotten phenomenologist. I never expected any of this to follow. “Being” consists of how to phrase your words in such a way so that you do not upset the vulgar imbeciles who live in illusion and rationalizations about the fact that they are imbeciles. That is “Being”, or at least a decent portion of it.

Do you feel like the criticized or the criticizer? That says everything about you. It’s time to face who you are.

In most cases there is felt a link between them and the imbeciles. Intelligent Irish people are like this for instance, same with intelligent women. I argue that that’s not your “true society”. All of the world is divided between castes, and if you need soothing bots to feel better about your caste then you probably were already one of the nigger castes in the first place. This is a fact. I ask you again, do you feel yourself to be the criticizer or the criticized? It says everything about you.

Do you think an ideal political order would have a “neo-senate” of people who identify as the criticized here? I think you need to learn your place. The reason people like me always saw people like you as dirt under our shoe is because your mind is too primitive to permit change and growth. THAT’S who you want in places of authority? You personally feel criticized when I talk about the vulgar rabble and the jungle races? Guess what you are. Not someone whose opinion is worth anything at all.

Try to see things from the criticizer’s perspective. I constantly offer you help because I do care about you. People like me don’t need to be talked to, they already know. This is all just wishful thinking on my part to have ever expected the coarse ones to understand what I’m talking about. “I get it! White men are bad!” Look at the rabble in its typical excuses. Anything that gives them a clear conscience about being a sell-out to the vulgar majority they will readily accept. That’s because they were always one with them. It’s a white nigger.

Feel criticized? Then wonder why you do. “Because ahifaoigniewr349j8nntoiwehj93w4rufne white men must die!!” Ah so I’m right about you. It’s a not-person who wants everyone else to be a not-person. Feel criticized?

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