A ray of sunshine via Dugin’s site

we talk about the terrible struggle that is taking place today between the dying world of today and the new reality that is being profiled in the future… a new and fairer world. A world in which peoples can organize themselves according to their own history, culture and religion without being guided by a centralized, suffocating and indifferent power.

Russians are so lucky they don’t have to deal with the Lincoln telos. Presuming a fifth column coup doesn’t take place there or something crazy like that I anticipate it will be one of the main viable reservoirs of breeding stock in the semi-distant future. Once your DNA is Congo’d you have no hope at all, and that’s America’s future, of course with added Latin “spice”. A lowly Russian peasant girl will be far superior to any of those abominations.

Anything beautiful they want a bucket of mud dumped on. And all the trailer trash will gleefully gather that mud for them because they are ugly as sin, inside and out, themselves.

Sticking with the Slavs though, I’m back at that Elista page regarding advanced education

a complete and clear understanding of the Jewish question, even after reading not 10, but 100, 200 or 2000 books, you still will not get.

Like I’ve said, anything east of France they don’t want you thinking too much about. Especially Poland, and especially Russia. The Germans they basically have de-fanged. They are simply non-human monsters that no one in the current year is able to understand. For those who haven’t been too brainwashed however they do represent one of the main strains of Atlantean literature. I remind you of my post on old Polish literature. Elista and Choinski provide us with portals to two buried worlds. If you concern yourself with none of these three literatures you might as well be dumping a bucket of mud on your own head. And, surprisingly, many do opt for that!

Some of the writers Choinski suggests I’m, against my expectations, finding briefly discussed in an English book on Polish literature

The undoubted master of the historical novel is the Polish equivalent of England’s Walter Scott: Józef Ignacy Kraszewski

This one is likened to Tocqueville and Burckhardt

It seems that Świętochowski can be aptly labeled an “aristocratic liberal,”

This English study does not dwell on their andysemetizm.

This one is translated as Spiders

in Pająki, [Klemens Junosza] castigated Jews who exploited the Polish peasants.

Ever heard of any of these names? Remember, you shouldn’t waste your time with any of this stuff, you’re only supposed to be telling the world how apes need to be bred with. Now be a good prog and go off and do that.

“What’s that got to do with Jews exploiting peasants?” Uhh… are you new here?

When your consciousness mixes with the Congo all you can think about is eating and fucking. That doesn’t make a very dignified life. “What about sleeping?” Yeah, that too. Also hating people who created non-jungle civilizations. So much dignity it’s overwhelming. “I don’t care about dignity.” Yeah, that’s another characteristic of those who inhabit the Congo, whether mentally or genetically.

Another one I can’t find much info on

Some of these are playwrights, and you know what that means.

Why do I call Faurisson “Sherlock”? I’M Sherlock! What, it’s true. People really hate this mystery being solved.

Here’s another Atlantean

Jews and half-Jews belong to the sphere of contamination and caricature. Centuries-long persecutions and isolation created a condition of collective inauthenticity and histrionic deformation: from this derives the “tension in the Jewish relation to form; the fact that a Jew is never fully himself in the way that a peasant or a squire is himself

Their inauthenticity has been universalized. Everyone is an “actor”. Everyone is rootless and not at home, and has to “pretend” with everyone else.

“I don’t want to be told about my religion, I just want to live it!”

There’s no truer title out there

I think one of the ways I am able to understand them so well is because Nietzsche is spiritually Jewish. He adapts Talmudism for non-Jews and Jews alike. Anyone can be a Nietzschean, if they can handle the ice. Jews historically lived beyond good and evil. That is universalized now among goyim. The difference is, Jews always stuck together. They always had a morality which they applied to fellow Jews. Goyim don’t have that aspect, they merely live beyond good and evil without any morality or kinship.

My aim in bringing to light these Atlantean literatures is to put an end to this Jewish century. We will be exceedingly lucky if it ends before 2045. You better seek a “shelter” in the meantime… because something else of Talmudism that has been universalized is hatred of goyim. They hate themselves. Meanwhile, Jews love themselves. This is all real. Why that Elista forum is such a different planet is that people there proceed from alien presuppositions- they do not approach Jews as victims, they approach them as cunning subverters of morality. What we have now in our culture is the worship of those who were punished for subverting morality. George Floyd and blacks in general are just the surface- lurking beneath is the Eternal Jew.

What you can find in Polish literature is “Elista” except in the form of sustained artworks. We have to readjust our instincts, our first-nature, in order to put the Jewish century to an end.

“I like to live beyond good and evil!!” You know that might as well just be evil…?

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