This is one of Elista’s favorites, Krestovsky (Крестовского)

And the JIDS more and more seized Moscow into their own hands

Could be said of NYC. What other people could you say this about, one side of the world to another?

This is another one the Bolsheviks immediately banned, this Krestovsky. You keeping track of these -sky’s? If you were caught with Lutostansky’s books you were shot on the spot. Krestovsky was friends with Dostoevsky, he was more of a literary type than Lutostansky.

I quoted from his trilogy here

I can never know what to make of anecdotes like this

His criminal bestseller Petersburg Slums (by the way, in the 19th century, perhaps the most widely read Russian novel) 

I’ll give you an idea why you’ve probably never heard of him

a strong Russian counterattack followed, and then a cheerful, soul-pleasing pogrom against the Jews began.

I got any New Yockers reading this?

Krestovsky’s books weren’t published until over a hundred years after they were written

Do you understand? … Wherever you look, everywhere you see how everything and everyone is gradually filled with an influx of Judaism. And this is not only ours – this is in Europe, and even in America, which is also beginning to groan from Judaism… the idea of ​​the Christian religion is replaced by the more convenient idea of ​​”civilization”

Inb4 you ask, yes, he’s another one that translated the ancients.

People only understand the white buildings of DC. Over a thousand years ago our Senate was the government of the Middle East. Then, our Senate traveled north and was the government of Russia and Eastern Europe. Then, our Senate traveled west…

“What, weren’t the Arabs and Slavs happy customers or something?” You can google their languages and ask them AHAHAAHAHA

This is from the 1880s

Trigger warning – spoiler alert about this trilogy- a Jewess falls in love with a goy, converts to Christianity, and eventually returns to the faith of her blood. The titles are Egyptian darkness, Tamara Bendavid, and The Triumph of Baal. It’s the longest Russian novel to feature a Jewess as the protagonist. I always request my arteest friends to write stories like this- I should just settle for the literature of old Poland and Russia since they probably worry about being unpersoned for writing like that.

Speaking of inventors of genres

I’ve posted a few times about Brafman. Krestovsky learned Hebrew to write this too.

This trilogy was began a couple decades earlier than the Protocols. It’s just fiction, it doesn’t claim to be anything else!

This is truly bizarro world next to the other novels I tend to write about. Dostoevsky was very fond of his writing. You can’t really beat this.

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