Bakhtin says Dostoevsky is the culmination of the Medieval carnival tradition I talked about yesterday, and that he represents a Copernican revolution in literature

An ordinary person hearing the words “carnival” or “adventure” probably wouldn’t initially think of lawlessness.

Hmm instead of talking about Dostoevsky I think I’m going to make this post about tits. Big set of jugs. Wait, never mind, I’m mature. Haha you white niggers. TITTIES! My life is about sensual pleasure and nothing else! Truly less than human. You’re really a person if the only genre you appreciate is porn, you niggers. JIGGLING BOOBS! Gonna make 10,000 posts about bountiful bouncing breasts.

“It’s all we have to hate white males, leave us alone!!” Never left the kitchen. Never left the jungle. Never left the Pale. These are the problems of America. “We’re going to bring you there with us!” Not if I can help it. Please take me back to a time when acting like a subhuman was something considered humiliating in society instead of normal.

I bet you didn’t mimic a serious ritual yesterday did you. You just have to be pious and obedient 24/7 don’t you. Some things are just too sacred to make light of and joke about.

Anyway, if you remember my post about the Trobriand Islanders’ religion of using the distant mythical past to renew the present, this is interesting from Bakhtin who is preparing the way to discuss Dostoevsky by detailing the evolution of genres

In these genres, the heroes of myth and the historical figures of the past are deliberately and emphatically contemporized

Yup, that did just happen one day. We take it for granted.

These genres of late antiquity emerged as a criticism of mythology and legend

they consciously rely on experience (to be sure, as yet insufficiently mature) and on free invention

This is similar to something that happened closer to our own time with phenomenology’s reaction to scientism. People began to focus on their own experience instead of the stories they were told in order to understand life.

So this familiar thing we know is its own kind of gesamtkunstwerk

the novelistic genre has three fundamental roots: the epic, the rhetorical, and the carnivalistic

BOOBIES!!!!!! Whoops, I slipped there, excuse me. I truly feel like a babysitter or something. I hope some people from the axis of evil countries read me and feel sorry for the state of the west. It’s true, whites are developing the impulse control of jungle peoples. They are in the process of unlearning shame. بگذار در کویر تو زندگی کنم. You’re lucky if you only understand the surface of the contemporary west.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have expected someone to say this- this is a broad vision

Bakhtin says Dostoevsky fuses the adventure genre with the propositions of profound and acute ideas.

“I really hate how a Nazi is talking about this.” Why is that? I wonder what some 21st Krestovskian novels would look like… Nah, people should write books about boobies instead.

The state-religion is hating white men, and they are fervent believers in that. Thus in my opinion literature (and media generally) should focus on disintegrating that at its foundations, in myriad ways. I just learned of a contemporary of Aristotle’s who fused together Socratic dialogue and fantastic histories for instance.

That IS the terrible truth though, that you never hear- 1. that the state-religion is hating white men, and 2. that we are hated because we naturally see people as subhuman.

I respect the bioleninists as people, I’m just not going to refrain from criticizing them. The only reason I do criticize them is because I first recognize them as people. They hate people like Dostoevsky, what else is there to say. For that they deserve untold amounts of criticism more than from what they’ve gotten from me.

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