Attending one of those old festivals through the genre that those festivals gave birth to

A classical Menippean satire is the Apocolocyntosis, that is, the “Pumpkinification,” of Seneca. The Satyricon of Petronius is nothing other than a Menippean satire extended to the limits of a novel. The fullest picture of the genre is of course provided by the Menippean satires of Lucian

“of course”???? No one’s ever heard of Lucian. He’s the one who gave me that revelation that the 2nd century that he lived in unexaggeratedly seems preferable to our own century.

It probably sounds easy, this idea of “digging up old books”. No, many of them are very well-hidden. Here is another snapshot from the Loeb Library

Who knows what some of these one’s writings contain. No one has the time to get a good understanding of all of them. The Loeb Library itself doesn’t include EVERYONE from antiquity. I suspect it could be biased for French Revolution reasons, similar to the case of Boulainvilliers. Imagine a manuscript has gotten quite yellowed and frayed, and the writer is interpreted as a “POS” from the Ancien Régime. That book is just going to wither away, a fresher copy of it will never be made- that’s probably the story of a lot of lost works. You might have noticed that it is somewhat possible to reanimate those people from that time. That’s what we would do in a neo-state. Anyone who has thoughts of the guillotine can stay with the demos, “their kind”. Just imagine if I posted about tits constantly, what would you think about me? You’d think highly of me wouldn’t you. I’d have to be a “noble” person to do that. Give me my warbride or I’m out of here, talking to fallen Americans just isn’t worth it.

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