Do you like a poisonous drip? Better dilute it so you aren’t poisoned to death. I try to take Biological Leninists under my wing, and some of them may break all their bones when pushed out of the nest. That’s what they make electric wheelchairs for. We love to hear the broken chirp of a broken bird as it wheels around obese. Get yer poison, get yer poison, little bird, it’s good for you. I’ll pet your head as you asphyxiate. It IS good for you though, IF you don’t die. Just the right amount of poison to kill the demons inside of you.

“Are you some kind of psychopath?” Obviously I am.

What do you think poisoning is? This isn’t a rhetorical question. I’d like to hear your answer to that. What would you have to believe to be poisoned to death? I bet you can’t even think that thought. Try though. “Try to poison myself?”

Will reality really kill you?

I think it will in many cases. Without illusion Biological Leninists would only have a dead stare. At worst, exposure to reality would awaken a demon in them. They were poisoned so close to death that they are a sort of zombie and they want to pull everyone toward the realm of the dead with them.

It’s possible to fly, you don’t have to be a broken bird in a wheelchair all your life. Unless?

Don’t worry, poison doesn’t exist, inner demons don’t exist. And you yourself are not a poisoned demon. None of that exists.

Just think of the blue sky, look up at it from your wheelchair, and dream of flying.

With any luck your rasping squawking will simulate the sensation of flight for you. Whining might as well be flying you tell yourself. A groaning, limping zombie starving for brains.

I see humans as part of the animal kingdom. The cripple birds want everyone’s wings to be clipped. Duds that fell out of the nest and hit the ground with a dull plop. You want all birds to have that fate. You want to be recognized as a bird that flies in the air while lying on the ground broken. You chirp for the other birds to do as you did so you can all twitch and roll around together.

It’s possible to right yourself up and try to flap your wings, maybe you aren’t broken?

If you aren’t criticizing the false idols you aren’t flying. If you’re chirping from the ground about how being broken and flightless is good then you believe in false idols yourself.

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