Something you’d never expect

Lucian was influential during that time.

The typical stance you find today is “there is nothing funny about humor”. If you’re not one of those what they call scolds then you’re probably interested in attending a festival of the old style.

Because, we don’t know if we’ve ever laughed once in our lives. I know for a fact that the drones have never laughed. They’ve never had an experience of God, they’ve never had an experience of laughter. That’s because in order to laugh they’d have to laugh at their own selves, and they could never do that. If anyone out of the opinion-management squad attended the sort of festival I have in mind, for its entirety they’d blush. They are the very ones who would be fried and roasted, and served like the fattened hogs that they are. I do invite them to attend nonetheless. I am sure there are some with a masochistic auto-cannibalism fetish.

While it’s standard to dismiss the Santa and trick-or-treat “traditions”, no one ever wonders what a true holiday is, what a holiday meant originally. You can read one brief interpretation of that here– Bakhtin was from Russia, so it’s no surprise they’ve taken his theories further than what you might find in English. There’s no “Christmas present” quite like the dissolution of the political order. I think that they purposely hide certain things about the Medieval Age. Just eat your turkey and shut up. Those serfs from the old times had it better than us. Three months where the over-seriousness was suspended. People these days can’t do that for even one second. This is in part because of the problem of mimesis. The texts where the festival spirit was recorded are not read. Only cheesy knock-offs on the screens are laughed at by the philistines. Knock-offs OF knock-offs. And that’s the type of human that they produce too.

Another Russkie’s take on Bakhtin

LAUGHTER IS GENUINE LIFE. With the indispensable “only” and “everything”: only laughter remained outside the lie, all genres, all forms of language and style, everything, everything – the series continues: everything is saturated with lies, except for laughter.

Where is that in the Christmas stocking?

Was it just me, where the recent “holiday season” we had during COVID was the worst holiday ever? It was utterly profane. I don’t know if that was part of the “reset” or what. With the maoist march of progress of eliminating tradition I think they finally got rid of even the last faintest semblance of “the holiday”. Do you remember, or is it a memory-wipe for you?

Is this possible to engineer?

false ideological forms and institutions, heavy and gloomy deception, selfish falsehood and hypocrisy, hypocrisy and lies of conventionality … Negative pathos is growing – in contrast to the ideal of a new real, free and bright life with her material, feastful laughing

I could personally use three months of the carnivalesque right now. Our Stalinists do not want us to smile unless they approve of it. And their elimination of the parody of authority seems like the only thing that makes them truly smile. The modern day reality is not a Dutch painting and is not a Medieval festival. Can you remember the last time you experienced anything like that? I say we try to reconstruct something like that.

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