Discovering Bakhtin I feel like “new world just dropped”. This is another one who leftists liked so I avoided. Someone who developed a theory of humor under the reign of Stalin? Sounds priceless to me.

A Bakhtinian reading of the primordial clown, and look, even better

Fusion of multiple “genres”, gotta love it.

There’s a negative connotation around the word “carnival”. That phenomenon seems to have greatly cheapened since Medieval times. Back then, the enforced norms of society were inverted temporarily. When things went back to normal, traces of freedom lingered.

This first part I want to find more material on

Ha ha funny performance would definitely lead to murder.

In the general consciousness the sorts of things I talk about are kept at the level of “conspiracy”. If they saw Yahweh being pilloried and people laughing at it I think they’d have a moment where things got real. The reason they’re able to stay in control is because people’s understanding of what is going on is fuzzy. If it somehow could be clarified… The revelation would probably hit them like a brick. Deceiving merchants who hate you and orangutans. Besides the Byzantine appropriation of Lucian, I was also reading about the Northern and Southern Renaissance appropriation- lots and lots of people adapted his writings to fit their time. Nobody knows about him today, probably uncoincidentally. He has like 80 works, and he’s like a second Aristophanes. Bringing back the real carnival could help people realize the state within a state. It’s kept secret obviously. And that’s the center that all the hate against white males, normalization of baboon culture, and pure whoredom revolve around. Festival performances would ideally provoke a sort of bloodthirsty laughter. I’d throw a Jew into one of those machines that crushes cars into a cube. That’s the kind of thought you get when you have clarified perception. Jokes are banned because they know they’d inevitably get what they deserved if humor were allowed. They want a future of exclusively subhumans, how else do you expect people to react to that? Women these days are whores who are dead inside because ~equality~ no judgment, no one is any more rational than anyone else. Yeah you cunts and kikes really got things under control. Secret destruction of society that you get fired for talking about. We live in a paradise. Do you remember that Russian novelist I was talking about, Krestovsky? The one with the anti-semitic trilogy? I don’t know of anything better than that for “our purposes”. The ideal is to adapt that for audio-visual media, shows, video games, etc. That is how goblins will get murdered. Do you think I’m too brutal of a person for thinking that sawing someone’s head off their body while they scream would be exciting? Think of Kant’s definition of fine art as something that causes reflection. The finest art would cause reflection that leads to a violent uprising. I’m simply a theorist of aesthetics, that’s no crime.

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