“Where do you expect me to get a briefcase of cash I can use to gather a team together to create a video game like that?” I don’t know, that’s up to you, I have my own domain of knowledge I try to offer you. We all know this idea of a “samizdat”. Ever think of that as applied to newer forms of media? You’d need anonymous developers. No FEDS either. Strictly vetted. No alt-lite bullshit. The ideal is to aim high and create a “cult game”. GTA 5 for instance cost about 265 million, 150 for the 250 employees, and the rest on marketing. Many solid games that are made only cost hundreds of thousands to produce. How to provoke a violent uprising. There’s no art that involves that concept. You’d think people would be throwing money at you for that. You econ people can figure it out, because the “silent majority” plus cryptocurrency is a potentially fatal mix. A secret project. You’d have to think of a sinister name for the group that creates such a game. How to insure that they’re not caught, that’s another thing, you have to be careful. Possibly they won’t be recognized for decades, if ever. If you bring about real art in the world who cares if no one knows who you are. The most talented ones will probably be sell-outs working for Sony making some PC shite unfortunately. Are there ANY video games that aren’t PC? If they don’t contain the kinds of themes I talk about it seems they’re necessarily some degree of PC. Samizdats are possible in all sorts of forms. Like I’ve said, depending on the type of people involved in their design, video games have the highest potential of any medium to create the best art possible. The Russian trilogy I mentioned? That details the rise of Jewish influence. That doesn’t only have to be in novel form. It’s rarely rarely even in novel form. You can just skip a step and dispense with a novel and create a video game outline. That’s how it begins, it has to begin somewhere. If you don’t have the attention-span to remember some of the names I say then you better start learning how to focus. Brafman. A key source that should be utilized. Franzos, if you want to make it funny. You should pull a Dostoevsky and fuse together adventure and profound questions. Just some ideas. Don’t make me do this myself, I love pure philosophy too much. If you want heads frowning on spikes this is the quickest way toward that reality. Forget all the humanities subjects I talk about, there are free ways of learning on the internet how to design video games. We shouldn’t just have anon writers, there are other mediums to explore. You could probably all by yourself create the perfect video game work of art in your garage if you had the determination to do that. Subhumans who want you dead are evil, so I hope you have the determination for that. A video game where you can aim a gun at a nigger’s head and pull the trigger while saying “You ape.” That’s just the obvious example. Like I’ve said time and again the main problem is the Jew so the focus should be more on that. Why not throw giving a whore a fat lip in there as well? One mission where you have to bury a worthless whore you murdered outside the city incognito. That would be FUN! People are missing out. All the talent flocks to the corporations. I’m more of the attitude of Joyce and Hesse regarding art, that it should take place outside of standard society, and that it isn’t even art if it doesn’t. Lots of opportunities for people with high ideals like this. They just have to have the discipline to perfect the form as well as the corporate-bots. While I know people freak out about the idea, I think a real Islam video game has never been made either. That can be adapted in a “Nazi” way. We can also make religious art. People are probably ready for a realtalk Jesus video game. Most forms of Christianity you see today are just progressivism. Jesus was Hitler in his own way too. Playing a video game as Hitler as the main character? Lots of options. All it takes is figuring out how to get that briefcase and an anonymous team. Sviatoslav, remember him? Putting the radhanites to fire and sword. Tracing the kike ~exodus~ to Poland and eventually the US, could be a multi-generational historical game, where ultimately NYC is burned to the ground. Starting to see what doesn’t exist at all in video games or media in general?

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