The most renowned Albanian novelist has an essay on Aeschylus

Certain classics imbued him with a personal freedom amidst the communist totalitarianism.

Albanians are going “It’s about time you brought us up, we border Greece!” That’s probably insulting, sorry.

As a littérateur himself, Kadare seems to have a personal relation to Aeschylus

He postulates this ur-genre has its origins in the regret the Greeks felt for what he calls suffocating Troy in its sleep.

While this movie WAS pretty awesome, there’s still so much more material that could be adapted, this isn’t enough


See how real he is? You can’t get that from just reading Homer. Starting to see why I want the Birds, the Bacchae, Egyptian Darkness, etc. made into films?

It was about 800 years after the siege of Troy that Aeschylus wrote his tragedies.

People don’t talk about this- the origins of the west, what led the west to being unique in the world, THIS human sacrifice

If you were to take out the rotting corpse of Troy from Greek literature, the canon would be diminished by at least half its worth.

Kadare says the Greeks wanted to expunge the crime from their conscience.

Achilles was probably a real guy on some level. A great warrior who would’ve been awarded the “Medal of Honor”.

“Tragos” translates to a certain animal – did they see Troy as this animal?

Whether by chance or because the goat earned its place through spilled blood, the bovid found itself at the root of the most sublime artistic genre.

Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Pentheus, all the rest, were slaughtered/sacrificed like goats too. The suffocation of Troy and its consequences, that’s the origin of the west, of Socrates and Science and the infinite mutations of drama. What about that war made the Greek people so singular in contrast with the arguably pre-literate, pre-scientific thousands of other tribes of the world before them? You do know it isn’t an exaggeration that a few of those Greeks that emerged after that conflict are still too advanced to be tolerated by the high civilization of the present day?

I love to hear Meds talk about other Meds, not gonna lie. This is this Albanian’s theory of the origin of drama

Surprising as it is obvious, right? That’s pretty much what life is. We just happen to live in a culture that seems to deny it…

All the revenge I’ve experienced from the clowns of our society I interpret through this lens as well. Be a total whore who isn’t aware she’s going to die someday. In our Age of Abundance that phenomenon isn’t so unexpected. It’s like those aristocrats in that Sade movie who burned and destroyed their paintings and furniture just for the hell of it. Excess and expenditure on a societal level, if you know your Bataille. No thanks, I just want to live a normal life like people have for millennia. OKAY, I’m an excessive person myself I confess. Revealing the higher “Golden Dawn” grades to the public is pure gluttony and deserves goat treatment. We all die together, that’s the beauty I find in it.

the air seethed with drama.

This Albanian makes a great point. He theorizes that performing arts arose because people wanted that feeling of drama one gets from attending a wedding or funeral. Those are so random though, falling in love, dying. So the stage is like a controlled mimicking of those rituals.

This is another instance of how our current culture suffers from being inundated with copies of copies of copies and nothing else. We surround ourselves with the mimicking of ritual and forget about the real rituals that are important in life. Give me my carnival of fools damnit! That will remind people of the reality of the other rituals. We live in a posthuman present in that sense, that people tend to think those rituals are all-too-human. The attitude is generally “Who cares?” That’s something for the backwards people of old times to care about. Hell (Hades), death, marriage and birth – is that the real origin of the god of the theatre, Dionysus? How well does the “theatre” of today capture the true essence of Dionysus? Those old-timers I met up with from my family the other day seemed to have a better idea than most of what you see on the screens, honestly. Globalization is the problem of problems in our epoch, so all the chaos follows from that. Dionysus is intentionally misunderstood to serve that broader project. The “melting pot god”. The true essence of the other “gods” is intentionally suspended out of conscious awareness in subordinance to the melting pot god. THAT is the “air” the birds fly in and never chirp about. I personally don’t want to be melted down indiscriminately with all those contaminants. “REEEEE!!” Gross, you’re probably one of them. The imposed self-deception supposedly necessary for globalization is the true tragedy of our time. The goat sacrifices that they keep hidden. The crime it is illegal to regret.

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