I see that Kadare also has a novel titled Agamemnon’s Daughter which leads me to look for a study on Iphigenia in general since she’s such a key figure in the Oresteia. Agamemnon’s sacrifice of her is the reason Clytemnestra kills him. It’s interesting to note that the curse of this family, known as the House of Atreus, goes back to a time before Agamemnon

Tantalus is a great favourite of the Olympian gods, but his sophistication and independence of spirit attracts their resentment. He is cast down to Hades where he suffers eternal torment; and the curse laid upon him is visited upon his earthly family.

Tantalus had the audacity to try to feed the gods his own son in a stew to test their omniscience. Obviously, since they’re gods, they knew what he was up to, and they were not happy. So he’s a sort of hubristic character like Prometheus. Thyestes was the grandson of Tantalus and he tricked his brother into eating his own children. THEN, after that, we finally have Agamemnon who is the nephew of Thyestes. And the curse continues with him in sacrificing his daughter. Curses that continue on for multiple generations was evidently an important theme for the Greeks. Why did someone like Agamemnon lead the forces that sieged Troy? Probably because despite the curse he still had a “Promethean” type of nature that was akin to godliness. The curse and the godliness go together. Note again how distinct this form of mythological-theology is from the old and new testaments. People in the west today aren’t very Greek. Indeed, they tend to demonstrate the wrath of Yahweh when they catch anyone acting Greek. U jelly? Heh I bet earlier I had some Frenchwoman worrying about “the curse of Phèdre”. The idea the US is supposed to center on is that “no one is cursed anymore” so these subjects can be pretty controversial. “We’ll curse you for cursing us!” Many distinct groups of people are cursed with the inability to reflect, and I don’t think I’m a bad person for bringing that up. You only perpetuate the curses if your only IMPULSE is to want to silence people who don’t pretend they don’t exist. These Greek myths are about the exorcism of curses. Something much much needed in the modern world. Most would rather live in the Pale forever, the Congo forever, the kitchen forever.

I can’t help it, sometimes memes are just perfect


If you’re here you obviously like the abuse so shut the fuck up.

This really gets at one of the main themes of Greek tragedy, especially the House of Atreus dramas

Those retaliations, far from allaying the grievances, serve to exacerbate them, to perpetuate the cycle of violence. At the heart of that cycle of violence is the act of sacrifice.

Do you ever feel like you were a sacrifice? You a goat in any way? Do you treat others today like goats because you were treated like a goat? I’ll pet a goat, if it doesn’t ram me.

Don’t you want to be as innocent as a baby goat someday?

That’s one of the things the tragedies teach.

Many prefer to be a Satanic goat that lives in anger and revenge, perpetuating the cycle of violence after someone treated them as a human sacrifice.

Here’s one German who adapted this mythos into his own play (spoiler below)

The arrival of Orestes in Tauris seems to continue the pattern: he will die at the hands of the priestess who is none other than his sister. Iphigenia will have to repeat Agamemnon’s sacrificing of a blood relative… The curse works, then, with the ruthless mechanisms of experiential recurrence in which men and women are now perpetrators, now victims of a seemingly unstoppable cycle of carnage. Yet in Goethe’s play the cycle is broken, the carnage stops.

Tantalus and Thyestes, and the House of Atreus in general was a sort of “original sin” myth for the Greeks. I think they speak more directly to our own time in that original sin seems to be not “divinely ordained” but rather closely tied to concrete this-worldly racism and sexism. Whites are the Thyestes that feeds his brother (POC) his own slaughtered children. And for that they have to be punished. Hubris plays a role here too. Whites are seen as too good, as if they accuse us, how dare you be that way, you’re supposed to be modest like us. The reality is that whites feed their own white brothers their own children. This is in the form for instance of sending their kids to institutions where they will be taught to hate themselves. Or be put in a school where the gifted children programs have been eliminated out of concern for the sluggish races. That’s a form of eating your own children, or in most cases, policy-makers and opinion-management serving you your own children to eat.

I saw this on the front page of a newspaper the other day

If I had to guess, they probably got F’s if the facts were known. The standards have to lower for everyone, and it is whites who are punished for it all. Aside from this, you are also being fed your own children in the form of schoolmarms crushing the spirits of little boys who are “too Greek”, which makes it unfair for the naturally more timid girls. This is mostly just a cycle of violence, I don’t think there’s much justice involved. No one is lifted up, everyone is only brought down to the base-line. This is a modern form of human sacrifice. Maybe I’d listen to a leveler if they seemed like they had the innocence of a baby goat. Unfortunately they often seem like very bitter people with ulterior motives and grievances that border on the Satanic, finding a bloodthirsty thrill in sacrifice, because they feel like either they were born a sacrifice or someone in their life sacrificed them.

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