It’s crazy that this happened

They had the concept for vulgarity over 2400 years ago…?

If you go back to them and see what the west was originally about you’ll be getting in trouble today.

I feel like people in the west have a well-developed sense of humor and the reason jokes are banned is because non-westerners can’t laugh at the jokes like we can. It causes pain for them and mirth for us. Since it causes them pain, we don’t get to have mirth. The sacrifices of globalization.

What, you don’t think it’s funny when I say most women seem to be an “orc with a bow”? They can be so pretty, that’s how they hide that so well. “No, they’re cunning and plotting like a goblin moreso.” Your words not mine. The point is all these nefarious types group together, and the half-elves tend to join them out of necessity. “I’m pulling a Cervantes, I don’t want the Inquisition after me.” While I haven’t seen many signs that’s plausible, I do entertain the possibility.

Studying primordial drama lately, it seems glaringly obvious that jokes naturally follow seriousness and solemnity. I bet many people in the audiences watching the first tragedies probably wept their eyes out. It seems our culture is still in that phase, not quite ready for jokes, still wiping away the tears. Can you imagine someone on TV or an establishmentarian on social media saying lightheartedly, “Yknow, maybe those Nazis were right about some things”? I bet if the right person said that they’d be the Dawn of a New Humor in the west. “Good luck, I’M not being that goat.” For those of us who don’t fall so easily for brainwash that would be a funny thing to see. Probably not going to happen any time soon, especially from the orcs with bows who are quite content with their freedom to be trash-eating hissing opossums with impunity. We’ll continue to eat our own children until we learn to laugh. If a opossum can look at itself and laugh at itself then it will turn into a better animal than what it is. I don’t think their nature is able to be changed though- they require never-ending maintenance. That’s just how we evolved- the irrational needs the rational. Since they’ve been taught lies all their lives they’re obviously not too happy when they hear that. Okay, eat your own children. Part of what that means if you can’t fix your own mistakes so you pass them on to the next generation. This is because you’re a sort of child yourself. All the way back to Tantalus. They don’t care, all they care about is continuing to be neanderthals with no higher ideals. A neanderthal with a bow? Isn’t that cute. Neanderthals with nobel prizes, whoopie. People who don’t care about anything besides preserving their own malignant way of life and in perpetual denial of it. I’m always speaking to the shepherds here. They’ve betrayed their flocks. They’re the ones with responsibility and they’re such children, and at the same time such over-serious geriatrics, that they doom those they’re responsible for with their denial. All this to say, if you go back to the original west, to the arguably “real meaning” of things, you make many people mad.

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