I’m continuing to be obsessed with “the frosty type” to find. “What do you mean, like a Wendy’s frosty?” No… There’s no meaning of life if they’re like that. Frosty as in does not care what billions of people think about them. These are mostly farmer peoples we’re speaking of, and their elites in the caste-system have to cater to them. I have no respect for any of it. I grew up as a prolekid myself and I’ve only learned that it deserves disdain.

Frosty friends and loved ones… that is the dream. My dream at least.

Almost all the potentially viable ones work for the state so it isn’t very plausible I will experience that. Real people talking and laughing on a beach somewhere. Regardless, it’s that thought that drives me, the idea that someday I will live among people I actually respect.

An “icy maiden”, that’s a concept beyond Plato, and we can conceive those kinds of things being so distant in the future from him. The Greeks are great- the other question is, how did the rest of (((WORLD JEWRY))) I mean the civilization continent build on him? Wait wait forget I said that part in caps there. My question is how to read the ancients without any bias. “Read them through the Talmud.” That is the basic hermeneutic.

For those who don’t read them OR reality that way, know you’re someone who I, at least, appreciate. If you want me to just go ahead and admit something that’s very taboo, I think Northern Europe evolved from Southern Europe, and the rest of the world doesn’t have much of a say in the matter. There are three worlds in this sense. The contemporary order wants everyone to pretend the two Europes don’t exist and instead see the backward civilizations as exemplars.

“Why do you keep bothering to talk to us, haven’t we made it clear no icy European woman exists?” Yeah, you have. That’s the thing with idealists, we keep telling you what reality we’d like to pretend existed. There’s next to no beauty to be found in the present arrangement of things.

“You only pretend they aren’t subhumans!” No, some of them aren’t that and there are so many subhumans they have to pretend to be one of them. This is my idea of a cold wintery one. Nothing good has ever happened from theorizing this type, it’s simply one of the only possibilities I think about in life that seems to have any real meaning at all. The thought of a woman dialectically improving my ideas in a brave way rather than a sell-out way, I’ve never seen that. It’s all very saddening to witness.

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