Those curses across the generations depicted in the Oresteia? Aristophanes is a symptom that the Greeks were starting to believe the gods had abandoned them. No matter how much virtue they practiced, they’d never be rewarded for it. Hesiod, the one who formalized the pantheon about 300 years before Aristophanes wrote his plays, had insured the Greeks that the gods rewarded virtue, and they weren’t seeing it. Hence Aristophanic satire and its culmination in the invention of new gods.

If you recall some old posts of mine, which are easily a couple of my most controversial, there is a parallel to the above “failure of the gods” in our own time. Will it take 300 years for people to realize it before we get our own Aristophanes?

Divine Justice. Everyone is waiting for it. That’s all they’re ever going to do, wait. The methods of progressivism are ineffective, we need new gods.

“It’s never going to happen, it’s time for me to take a ideological snooze.”

Wouldn’t this be sweet?

None of it’s real, none of it’s real, because we can’t have nice things in life.

Being air is a nice thing, so I do that.

My favorite student of Strauss’s, Rosen, wrote a book on the Symposium in the same year Strauss wrote that book on Aristophanes, and of course Aristophanes is a prominent character in the Symposium.

Aristophanes’ poetic techne is in the service of the Olympian gods of the city. His “philotheism” is the same as his patriotism.

Clever neologism. Do you consider yourself a philotheist?

Ooooh here’s a subtlety. Could it be that Socrates forced Aristophanes into philosophy?

In order to defeat the Unjust Logos Aristophanes is forced to publish it. In order to defend tradition he is forced to introduce change.

The Birds is a response to Socrates’ Ideas. The Clouds wasn’t enough. The Birds gets dangerously close to the Ideas. It seems Socrates did force him into that in a way. The Birds is a reconciliation between the Olympian gods and the Ideas. This is an “extra-Platonic dialogue”. People tend not to be very Aristophanic in this way today. They don’t try to meet people like me halfway, they only respond with ad hominem or distraction. Mushroom elephants. Never anything about air. In most cases it’s because they relate in some way to the wretched ones, and the “Olympian gods” insure them they will not be seen as what they are, thus they are “philotheists”. Alright, I hope you can at least admit to yourself in your own private mind that philotheism is the decision for wretched ones to control the political order. I for one can’t possibly be a philotheist when that is one of the conditions.

Damn, Rosen is on fire, I have to quote all of this, sorry

This explains so many of the optics clowns so well. Aristophanes is your precursor! The difference is that at least he wrote a Birds! “I tweet, what’s the difference?” Good point, you’re both sophists who can’t justify your own illogic nor admit to the immorality of your anti-intellectualism. “I’ll use my psyche to hate the psyche!” You don’t see the hypocrisy in that? That’s why I say- clown.

Heh, poetry is a kind of silence he says. So true. The silence of piety he calls it.

People who are beholden to the old gods cannot create new gods. And the old gods are as ineffective as the ones of Hesiod noted initially in this post. Let’s just hope that also doesn’t take 300 years to dawn on people.

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