I think of a friend I had in high school whose laugh I appropriated myself, unconsciously. It just seemed like a “real laugh”. And I still find myself using it sometimes. Or maybe it was something funny he said and that’s the natural kind of laugh that that causes. Either way, in our time of individualism this might be seen as something shameful, to not be yourself, to have someone else’s laugh, and I don’t agree with that. YOU decide what you appropriate from your environment. Who do you think you are? When you’re a baby you don’t know anything and you copy everything around you. Anyway, there was this kind of laugh that this kid had and it just seemed like it was a real laugh, and I haven’t really experienced that for quite a while. If you can forgive me for saying it, there are certain laughs where it’s kind of like taking a shit in a way. People tend to be constipated. This kid was a sick person in a way, yet that’s what was funny about him. A devilish look in his eye. Just thinking about him makes me laugh in that way. It’s weird the things we remember. The way he laughed it was like wheezing a demon out almost. I think this is one of the meanings of “catharsis”. It’s close to a cough. All the “scolds” in our culture I can’t imagine ever laughing that way. That’s all just contained in them forever, that’s why they are the way they are. I do think it might be linked to “abuse”, that’s why. At first glance you’d think it was malicious and really I think it’s only about a reality being acknowledged, and what could be malicious about that? The history of humor might surprise you- whether it’s the ancient Greeks or the Christians there are centuries and centuries of looking down on laughter. They connect it with hubris or arrogance or sadism, among other things. This is one with our regretful history of illusion. When you laugh, oftentimes you’re acknowledging something that the status quo doesn’t want acknowledged. There are different types of laughter depending on the domain of life. Progs laugh at one thing, and I usually see it as too crude to laugh at. Bird laughter isn’t true laughter. That old friend of mine when he was a kid still seems to have the true laugh that I don’t hear very often. People just get too domesticated for it. It’s a primal kind of laugh that’s possibly always connected with perceiving idiocy. They don’t want you to perceive that, thus you won’t laugh. Then, we have the idiot-caste, and how could they laugh about themselves? It seems to be a laughter that arises from the very core of one’s being. Are you scowling at me right now perchance? Laughing at idiocy, better browbeat me for that. Phenomenologically, recognizing it as an indulgence seems to be part of the experience. The natural attitude is to forgive people. Sometimes you can’t, and you laugh. Real, true laughter is connected with another word people don’t want to hear either. When you laugh at an idiot sometimes you’re seeing them as someone who isn’t a real human being. It’s about recognizing the permanent animality they have. The last few years I don’t laugh like that much anymore because I’m mostly overwhelmed with pity. Sometimes it’s just too sad to even laugh at anymore. Yep, the wretched ones are in control and they’re permanently wretched. Really gonna get a HA HA HA HA out of me for that. It’s closer to a wheeze though, the kind I’m talking about heh heh heh heh heh, like a pleasant suffocation. “It’s the devil at work!” Is acknowledging the folly of idiots the devil? Our political order does seem to think so. If the rules were suspended Jews would be laughed into reclusion on day one. “What a sad, disgusting creature that will never change, a true idiot, who’s poisoning our society.” No idiot-detection allowed, no cathartic laughter allowed. And you know the real word to use to describe an “idiot”, and it’s not “idiot”. While I know you won’t admit it, I think being able to laugh at all these morons would be better for their development than reinforcing them in their laughable behavior. “No I won’t admit that, I’ll find an excuse to laugh at you instead because I’m such a total retard.” I’m sure you will- that’s my very point, that idiots can’t change, they’re incapable of it- born idiots, die idiots, and that’s what’s funny about them. “A majority of imbeciles who can’t be questioned is good for society.” Look who you are, I just detected your type.

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