I feel sorry for you if you’re not my friend. If you are, then I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, in the only way we can. I don’t think people tend to expect that there are several levels of hell. Professional intellectuals don’t even know about some of them because a type of puritanism is necessary for their role in society. Even joking around with “friends” they have to stay guarded, because if they say one wrong thing it could ruin their reputation forever. It isn’t worth it from my standpoint. Science isn’t impossible. I’m a believer in scientificity. I’m not a physicist, that discipline can only tell us so much- I try to apply a scientific attitude to humans. Being guarded in your speech you will never be a scientist. To those like me with this objective in life, I have to emphasize there are various barriers they have set up because our culture hates scientificity. That’s not a myth or something. They truly do hate that. They want to make sure people don’t know what they are. There are disturbing implications to Marx I think- people only live to reproduce robots. That’s all they are. They don’t want people to understand them in that way. This is a type of anthropology. “That’s not math.” I strive as far as is possible to make it as flawless as math. If you don’t walk through the obstacles they have in place you’re not even going to know what I’m talking about. Even scientists themselves who are experts in evolutionary theory do not have a clear idea of what I speak of if they live a “guarded life”. There are chimps in labcoats who will bite them. That’s where we are as a species. No face fur? That doesn’t fool me at all. Monkey want status of being lauded as “scientist”. Sure, maybe they are, there are still other levels of hell. If you tell humanity what it is they will want to kill you. That’s why you’re “guarded”, did you forget? These are our fellows we have to think about. We evolved with them. There is a tendency in their mind to be on the lookout for “too much consciousness”. They detest it. “What are those ‘barriers’ you talk about like anyway?” You ever feel like a leper before? We’re social beings, and it’s a very sacrifice of what you are. You have to take a scalpel and perform a surgery on yourself and remove the rabble from your being, because the rabble is not going to do it for you. I try to be a surgeon for my (unfortunate) reader. The chances are that the very one reading this is the kind that wants to prevent such medical procedures. They feel themselves to be a tumor. Yes, the rabble is a malignant bundle that will spread to the rest of the body of humanity if not excised. We pretty much already are there. People who try to remove the rabble are themselves seen as tumors. That’s just where we are, who we are, as the west. It doesn’t really make me feel “jolly” to realize that. Terminal cancer. What’s worse, being one with the cancer or being a leper with no fellow lepers? Almost everyone prefers to be one with the cancer and go down with the ship, as it were. Myself, I’m happy to have taken a life raft away and watch you sink from afar even if I never find an island.

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