These should be a treat

The best reason for publishing Ezra Pound’s Italian broadcasts may be the simplest. Thousands of people have heard about them, scores have been affected by them, yet but a handful has ever heard or read them. Here they are.

These are the reason they threw him in the asylum for 12 years after the war

He rants about America’s melting pot theory. Says half-breeds have a “stoppage” inside the head. This he talks about while referring to another obscure literary titan of the 20th century, Céline (a post on him perhaps later). These broadcasts they didn’t even publish until a few years after Pound’s death in the 70s. So, not liking the idea of a stoppage inside the head is “treasonous” apparently – sounds about right.

Googling this subject I see this from this year – it’s THAT bad in England?

She referred to Auschwitz as a “theme park”. The dire seriousness surrounding this is what keeps the “stoppage” protocols in place.

The Italian internet is different from the English internet

Pound will leave an indelible mark in English culture, as did Einstein for physics.

The Cantos as an initiation into the pagan mysteries, brought to you by the foremost American poet of the 20th century – who cares about THAT? He was a traitor who stood up against the “usurocracy” and called Jews “filth”.

Pound’s initial proposal to Italy’s ministry of culture for a broadcasting slot regarded his desire to “tell the truth about the banks”. His intended audience was the United States and England, not Italy. They wouldn’t let him get away with what he said in the ally countries. Braver than the troops.

He traces the beginnings of usury in England to Queen Elizabeth’s time. I’m mostly talking to their bots so why bother – a constant thought I have. You’re owned, your humanity is already gone. 1+1=2, there’s no debate about it. The stoppage has already taken effect.

From the Cantos

From one of his 1942 broadcasts

the Talmudic Jews who want to kill off ALL the other races whom they can not subjugate

No one will be able to lift his ball of crystal pretty soon. You negroes are already subjugated. If you don’t have attention-span to read the manuscripts you can listen to a few of his broadcasts on youtube, he has a funny way of talkin’

As nowadays, always the same bischniz houses, and the same leading chewish names, except when they change ’em.

Great question – I’m going to have to answer “next to no one”

Maybe later I will try to lift that ball of crystal, again, the one known as the Cantos. These broadcasts are an obscurer one.

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